PoserWorld Exclusives

Feature packed 3d content products designed for Poser Software that have tons of value so these will be at the top of your runtime and the start of your animation pipeline for years to come.

License Value: All our PoserWorld Exclusive products are licensed for private and commercial use, including animation video, online 3d game, multimedia and 3d game and simulation software publishing so you never have to worry if the license is too restrictive for your creative project.  The only restriction we have is that you cannot resell our products discretely, or bundled including virtual 3d marketplaces and virtual game worlds even if there is no real world currency exchange or negotiable value. Sale of creative works derived from the product such as texture and morph and add-on's is permitted.

Design Value:  PoserWorld Exclusives figures all use Poser traditional rigging standards so that you have maximum version compatibility (Poser 6-12) and pipeline export options with the widest pose & clothing support possible. Our figures are all sculpted with high resolution UV and we include 1,2 and 4mb texture maps for materials optimized for Superfly and Firefly rendering.  We realize the value in customization, animation and export versatility so we take full advantage of Poser material channels and the PoserWorld Exclusive geometry leverages a morphable and sub dividable topology.

Production Value:  PoserWorld Exclusives have maximum functionality and animation built in so our props appear to animate similar to how the real world creature moves or object modeled performs.  Our rigging, morphs, animation loop cycles and linked poses greatly simplifies scene production and enhances realism for staging poses, directing animation action and supporting obj/bvh, dae or fbx export for animation or game pipelines. We do not model figures and sets for a singular purpose.  For instance many of our animal figures will include an entire range of sub-species, or scenes have alternate configurations.  Our scenes include camera and lighting presets, typical for the set and directed perspectives.

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Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Fallow Deer - figure for Poser

A fully Poser Traditional rigged and animated Fallow Deer figure compatible with Poser 6 up. Includes 6 poses and 3 animations. The reindeer figure includes morphs for antler rack size and fur smoothing. The High definition materials and textures default at 4000x4000 and material sets for 1mb,2mb and 4mb are also included. Download 14MB. Product Details below
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Shopping Plaza - complete shopping center construction kit & scene for Poser

SuperStore Shopping Center bundle for Poser (Includes Optional Add-On Sets, referenced below.) A PoserWorld exclusive. The SuperStore a fully customizable, modular complete shopping center construction set. The included SuperStore, a fully stocked multi-department supermarket loaded with Grocery Stock inventory (256 individually modeled items), Shopper’s Diner cafe restaurant, Beauty Salon, Super-Cuts Fuel Station, Landscaping and a lighted Parking Lot and shopper’s safety Security Office building. The complete SuperStore Shopping Center Set for Poser includes 8 striking scene sets, combined is 1320 prop instances,30 Camera and 102 Poser Poser Light presets. Material shaders are optimized for Superflyand Firefly, enable Indirect Lighting for dramatic lighting effect. Check out the details and prop list below.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore - supermarket construction set for Poser

The SuperStore a fully customizable supermarket construction set with the exterior and interior modeled in contemporary design. All supermarket departments are featured with service counters, shelving, refrigerators and merchandising signs and checkout equipment. Camera and Poser Light presets are included. Material shaders are optimized for Superfly & Firefly renders, enable Indirect Lighting for realistic lighting effect. A 3d mega-mart multi-department supermarket scene and custom store construction set for Poser. The SuperStore figure loads oriented with the SuperStore Shopping Plaza set bundle modules and is detailed inside and out. All that is needed for the grand opening is inventory so checkout the matching scale Grocery Shelf Stock scene and prop bundle set for one click shelf stocking. Check out the details and prop list below.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Grocery Shelf Stock Set for Poser "SuperStore"

Enough unique product inventory to stock a supermarket! Each independently modeled prop item is bundled in groups to facilitate shelf stocking. The product props have custom designed, yet semi-familiar brand types. each quad poly modeled and panel uv mapping for easy customization and conversion. Shelf stock grocery inventory for supermarkets with many original product brands in many diverse food categories to stock a virtual supermarket. The included figure stock set will pre-load 987 inventory items on the SuperStore shelves with a single click. Check out the details and prop list below.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Parking Lot & Security Office Set for Poser

On of the most versitle sets you will find. Security Office and Parking Lot (Prop Set for Poser) a security shack with interior & exterior props and a massive lighted and parking lot designed tor the highly detailed SuperStore Shopping Plaza, this lot renders spectacular in Superfly and Firefly with vehicles and the surrounding a concrete pad for is perfect for any commercial building, stadium,. sports event, convention tent or action movie set. Concrete, asphault, reflective lines, and many other industral Poser shaders and textures included. The pavement lines, asphault, lines and lot curb are thier own material channels. So much more, read below. The office desk and chairs have several morphs and material options that allow for many types and designs.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Landscaping Set for Poser

Glorious display of tropical foliage and flower beds. Included in the SuperStore Landscaping pack are 2 pre-staged tropical foliage beds featuring palms, flowers and river bed stones and the discrete foliage and props needed to customize your own commercial landscape beds. The ornate tropical flower & tree bed prop construction set is perfect for commercial lot and resort scenes, while the included ornamental landscaped bed figures that are situated to align with the SuperStore Shopping Plaza scene set modules.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Shoppers Diner Cafe Set for Poser

Shoppers Diner Cafe (Prop Set for Poser), a complete, fully fixture lit fast food restaurant set with dining room, service counter and fry kitchen. A detailed 3d restaurant scene featuring Shopper's Diner Cafe, a module and independent prop set for Poser 3d graphics software. The prop set includes 2 types of diner tables and chair furniture, fast food fry kitchen equipment including, fry grill range with flipper and bun warmer, prepared foods cooler and deep fryers. Lighting and camera parented to scene figure that loads aligned with the Superstore Shopping Plaza scene bundle modules. The dining area includes staged furniture props, each chair and table (two types) has customization material zones. The kitchen area includes a griddle, double deep fry stations. The griddle includes grease hood, flipper and bun warming drawer that is opened/closed by morph. The fryer includes a morph that raises and hangs the fry basket from the hot oil. There is a separate Cafe sign for when used in the greater SuperStore Shopping Center Scene.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Beauty Salon Set for Poser

Stylistic materials make this Salon a beauty, and one-piece prop design, indirect lit scene with fixture lighting and multiple perspective cameras make it simple to realistically stage and render. There is a waiting lounge area, 4 stylist stations, hair and cosmetic displays, and service counter.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperCuts Fuel Station Set for Poser

Your neighborhood discount fuel station is fully lighted scene with quick-mart and 8 pumps modeled. There are coolers textured along the back wall of the quick mart, and floor to ceiling windows face the self-serve fuel pumps. A 3d gas station and quick mart type convenience store figure and prop set for Poser, The figure load oriented in scene with the "SuperStore Shopping Plaza" bundle scene set and the prop version of the SuperCuts Fuel Station prop is used for pipeline export and custom scene building. Licensed for Commercial and Consumer 2d and 3d realtime rendered media projects and game development.
$9.99 $5.00
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Donkeys - 3 figure set for Poser

A set of fully Poser Traditional rigged and animated Donkey, Donkey Colt and cartoon styled "Burro Pedro" donkey figures compatible with Poser 6 up. Includes 6 poses and 4 animations, optimized per figure, High definition materials and textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb,2mb and 4mb materials and texture maps. A triple figure set including Donkey, a Donkey Colt and Burro Pedro the toon fully rigged and animated models for Poser complete with poses and animation loops. Licensed for 2d commercial and consumer art, and also for 3d realtime rendered applications and media. Download 104MB. Product Details below
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Indian & African Elephant figures for Poser

A pair of fully Poser traditional rigged Indian and African Elephant figures with character blend morphs for breed hybridization and maturity features including tusk size, skull and skin smoothing compatible with Poser 6 up. Includes 6 poses and 4 animations, optimized per figure, High definition materials and textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, 2mb and 4mb texture map material sets. Licensed for 2d and protected 3d media publications including commercial game distribution. Refer to read me file for full license terms.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Bison - figure for Poser

A traditional IK rigged Bison figure compatible with Poser 6 up. Includes 8 poses and 4 animations, horn size and buffalo fur wooliness morphs. High definition materials and textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, and 2mb texture map material sets. Download 5MB. Product Details below