SuperStore - supermarket construction set for Poser

The SuperStore a fully customizable supermarket construction set with the exterior and interior modeled in contemporary design. All supermarket departments are featured with service counters, shelving, refrigerators and merchandising signs and checkout equipment. Camera and Poser Light presets are included. Material shaders are optimized for Superfly & Firefly renders, enable Indirect Lighting for realistic lighting effect. A 3d mega-mart multi-department supermarket scene and custom store construction set for Poser. The SuperStore figure loads oriented with the SuperStore Shopping Plaza set bundle modules and is detailed inside and out. All that is needed for the grand opening is inventory so checkout the matching scale Grocery Shelf Stock scene and prop bundle set for one click shelf stocking. Check out the details and prop list below.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives
SKU: 78C3469E

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SuperStore Set for Poser

A fully modeled supermarket prop, a multi-material structure with plenty of space for customizing the store interior with add-on set modules or loading and positioning the included prop selections such as wall and divider panels, floor tiles, counters, appliances and stocking fixtures to stage the store of your dreams.  The included scene for the SuperStore SuperMarket includes a checkout area, 6 shelved stock asiles plus refrigerator and freezer wall units and Fish, Meat, Bakery, Produce, Pizza delicatessen department service counters.  For product inventory in your scene, be sure to get the optional "SuperStore Grocery Shelf Stock add-on prop set. Director Lights and Camera presets are included to help get you rendering.

The SuperStore set is part of the SuperStore Shopper Plaza prop sets (sold seperately or as a bundle) and so the prop will load to orient within the SuperStore Shopping Plaza.  If you prefer to use this prop set independantly, load the prop and then use the props x and y trans and y rotation to 0,0 and 0 degrees and then save to your prop library under a separate name.
Advertising and brands are unique and originally concieved. This product is licensed for 2D and 3D Game/Media publishing in when protected accordance to the licence terms.

The Super Store Set is fully appointed and proportionally fixture lighted, so be sure to render with IDL enabled for best effect. Camera’s are pre-created and positioned so you can conveniently shoot all sub- scenes of the set from any perspective.

Discrete Super Store Props Include:

  • Security Alarm Bellw

  • Divider Fence

  • Department Displays:

    • Signage for Butcher, Bakery, Pizza, Salad Bar, Fruit (4) and Fish

    • Bread Crate, Bread Display, Bread Display Stand

    • Fruit Crate & Stand

    • Fish Counter

    • Pizza Counter

    • Salad Bar Counter

    • Service Counter Scale

    • Inset Counter Posts & Walls (7 Types)

    • Service Counter

  • Self Checkout & Bagging Area

  • Stock Shelving

  • Freezer/Cooler (3 types)

  • Strip Lights (Fluorescent material “ON” means enable IDL in render to light)

  • Shopping Carts (Trolly)


Optional Add-On Prop Sets needed to complete the entire SuperStore Shopping Plaza:

  • Shoppers Diner Cafe prop set for Poser
  • Beauty Salon prop set for Poser
  • Super Cuts Fuel Station prop set for Poser
  • Security Office & Parking Lot prop set for Poser
  • SuperStore Landscapin prop set for Poser
  • SuperStore Grocery Stock prop set for Poser