Art if Life Animation Series feature PoserWorld Exclusive animal figure sets
Animations and figures created using Poser 13 Software featuring the Giraffa for Poser figure set from
Don't fear the season, please render the reason.

 Mecha defend PoserWorld - Rendered in Carrara by contributing artist, Dartenbeck.  Featuring AVF-35-J Wildhog mecha by Chris SchellMecha invade PoserWorld - rendered in Carrara by contributing artist, Dartenbeck.  Featuring AVF-35-J Wildhog Mecha by Chris Schell
Mecha invade PoserWorld - rendered in Carrara by contributing artist, Dartenbeck.  Featuring AVF-35-J Wildhog Mecha by Chris Schell
Seasons Greetings
PoserWorld sincerely wishes good health and comfort to all who are suffering and their families during the global pandemic. 
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Don't fear the seasons jeers, PoserWorld has inspirational reindeers to help you render the holiday cheers.

PoserWorld download club, redux.

Important: LIFETIME MEMBERS please REGISTER with and create a Support Ticket to be able to shop and gain Gold Membership Plan benefits and download Club Classics for free ($0.00). Please register and submit a ticket with if you have questions or need help.  ACT FAST, interim 3DFIG.COM SERVER will Close by February 1, 2021
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  1. Gold Club Classic Download Plan allows you to shop for free and download unlimited 3d content from the "Club Classic" PoserWorld product category. Like the legacy Lifetime plan, this plan does not terminate, unless revoked because of abuse or license terms violation, and it cannot be transferred.  Membership is limited to a single family, in a single household or small business, in single business location*.
  2. Silver Club Classics Membership 3d content download plan allows you to shop for free and download up to 150 Club Classic selections. There is no time limit, so take advantage of this great value now and shop for free and download up to 150 Club Classic selections at your convenience while you are an active membership of the Silver Club Classics membership. Membership terminates when the 150 allotted product procurements have been made.  Membership is limited to a single family, in a single household or small business, in single business location*.
  3. Bronze Club Classics Membership 3d content download plan allows you to purchase up to 50  Club Classic selections at no cost.  Once a member, you will be able to make 50 free purchases from the PoserWorld Club Classic category products. Again, there is no time limit to download up to 50 Club Classic selections at your convenience while you are an active membership of the Bronze Club Classics membership. Membership terminates when the 50 allotted product procurements have been made.  Membership is limited to a single family, in a single household or small business*.

Membership Details:  Once a member, you will be able to make free purchases from the Club Classic category products. There is no time limit, so take advantage of this great value now and download any of the Club Classic selections free when you need them. Products procured through the plan will also be added to your downloadable product library and can be re-download again at any time. You gain immediate access once you have completed purchase of this Club Classics membership. 

* Membership Terms and Plan Administration: We reserve the right to terminate membership is abuse is detected or terms of product licenses is being violated. We have a liberal and broad use license on these products including commercial and 3d media and game publishing use, however no resale or distribution of these products is allowed. For instance if we detect downloading from multiple IP's or different regions we may suspend an account and issue a warning and expect a explanation response to be considered for plan reactivation.  The decision to terminate a plan resides exclusively with PoserWorld, however we will be fair and respond in kind. We reserve the right to end or change plans and issue to issue pro-rated refunds with store credit.

PoserWorld Club Classics

3000+ Poser and DS items from the legacy PoserWorld Download club this season have been loaded to the store. Its a huge selection of props and outfits for Victoria 1-4, Michael 3, Apollo Maximus, Luke and Laura, Stephanie 3 Petit, Poser Gen2, Dawn and many other classic 3d figures.  All items are being re-released with the standard PoserWorld royalty free commercial and 3d publishing (game) use license.  Come browse the PoserWorld Club Classics and see how many indispensable scene props and must-have clothing items for your Poser runtime.

Save 30% on Chris Schell's Armory & PoserWorld Exclusives
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Quality and value are what stands out in these two content brands.
Chris Schell's Armory is a collection of some of the best military, sci-fi and action figures 3d modeled. Chris Shell is legendary in the 3d modeling and graphic arts industry.  Professionally recognized in many international arts competitions, he has been featured on the cover of 3D Artist Magazine multiple times and has articles and tutorials published in numerous other magazines. Chris Shell has been commissioned for book cover illustrations and other commercial graphic design projects and has even been biographed as a DAZ Studio Featured Artist and featured interviews on other industry sites. As an artist he has been awarded winner in numerous render challenges and focus of special spotlights for various works and continues proud to be a sponsor and mentor for others in the 3D community.
PoserWorld Exclusives are new feature packed 3d content products designed for Poser Software that have tons of value so these will be at the top of your runtime and the start of your animation pipeline for years to come.
  • License Value: All our PoserWorld Exclusive products are licensed for private and commercial use, including animation video, online 3d game, multimedia and 3d game and simulation software publishing so you never have to worry if the license is too restrictive for your creative project.  The only restriction we have is that you cannot resell our products discretely, or bundled including virtual 3d marketplaces and virtual game worlds even if there is no real world currency exchange or negotiable value. Sale of creative works derived from the product such as texture and morph and add-on's is permitted.
  • Design Value:  PoserWorld Exclusives figures all use Poser traditional rigging standards so that you have maximum version compatibility (Poser 6-12) and pipeline export options with the widest pose & clothing support possible. Our figures are all sculpted with high resolution UV and we include 1,2 and 4mb texture maps for materials optimized for Superfly and Firefly rendering.  We realize the value in customization, animation and export versatility so we take full advantage of Poser material channels and the PoserWorld Exclusive geometry leverages a morphable and sub dividable topology.
  • Production Value:  PoserWorld Exclusives have maximum functionality and animation built in so our props appear to animate similar to how the real world creature moves or object modeled performs.  Our rigging, morphs, animation loop cycles and linked poses greatly simplifies scene production and enhances realism for staging poses, directing animation action and supporting obj/bvh, dae or fbx export for animation or game pipelines. We do not model figures and sets for a singular purpose.  For instance many of our animal figures will include an entire range of sub-species, or scenes have alternate configurations.  Our scenes include camera and lighting presets, typical for the set and directed perspectives.
So see it for yourself, when you render it all out we think you will find PoserWorld Exclusives present an enduring value over the competition.

General Announcements:

Dear legacy PoserWorld Customers,
Dream Cutter and VanishingPoint are now operating PoserWorld. We acquired the store and products from the founders in Oct 2018. and initially were on track to relaunch the first quarter of 2019.  Due to situations beyond our control, it was necessary to rebuild the store with a fresh database server in the world-class datacenter. We hope you understand and accept the inconvenience of having to re-register for  If any legacy customer would like to re-add the products purchased from the legacy site, we will make it easy:  First, we need you to register here.  Then as you browse the store, just add your old products to your Wishlist, and when finished browsing, Create a Customer Support Ticket and reference your email address used on the old site account and we will attempt to validate your cart against our records.  Once approved, we will add the products to your new PoserWorld product library update the ticket when your library is rebuilt.

PoserWorld Club Classics Membership Now Open

We now have migrated the "Poser World Paid Member Only 3D Downloads" service to We have 3 PoserWorld Club Classic Membership Plans available, Bronze (50 downloads), Silver (150 downloads) and Gold (unlimited downloads). PoserWorld Club Classis are approximately 3,500 legacy 3d content products for Poser 3D Software and DAZ 3D Studio created by the original PoserWorld founders and artists from 2002-2016 spanning a broad selection of figures, clothes, buildings, props and scenes, material textures & poses.

Important: LIFETIME MEMBERS please REGISTER with and create a Support Ticket to be able to shop and gain Gold Membership Plan benifits and download Club Classics for free ($0.00). Please register and submit a ticket with if you have questions or need help.  ACT FAST, interim 3DFIG.COM SERVER will Close by February 1, 2021


We want to hear from Poser Artists and Game Developers.  We develop and improve our content every day.  We have a team of artists and content developers who thrive on feedback and inspirations. So please use the forums to tell us your gripes, your likes and your dreams.  
So whether its a complement, complaint, request, suggestion or even a troll we respect your voice and always listen.  Give us a shout in the forums or here if you want to keep the topic between us.
Thank You for supporting PoserWorld and creating with Poser 3D Software
So what is this cool stuff your selling anyways?

So what is this cool stuff your selling anyways? -  3D model for what? -  Whats it work with?

These are question that gets asked when people first stumble upon a 3d content store like PoserWorld.

A 3D model store, or 3d content store is a merchant of computer designed objects which are tangible in software applications for creating workd of art, video animation, video games and interactive digital publications.  Our name, PoserWorld is a tribute to Poser Software, the premier 3D rendering & dnimation software that allows users ti easily create art and animation with 3D characters. Poser Poser Software stands out because it invented a skeletal and skinning method to apply to 3d modled mesh figure that facilitates pose and animation in a way that mimicks the joint bend, musclature and motion character of the subject.  Poser was originally created by Larry Weinberg in 2002 for traditional artists as a digital mannequin to pose them for studying the view of joints & musces from any perspective and lighting condition.  The Poser traditional rigging method has been shared with the industry and has since been in continious development and has been adopted and adapted by many other 3d software companies since.  While Poser Softwasre has an esteemed legacy, its not currenty the most widely used 3d rednering software by consumers, however it is foundational in figure development and the starting point for many animated 3d development pipelines.  DAZ 3D Studio and Blender have eclipsed Posers base of 3d artists and animators because thier software is distributed free, while the current versions of Poser Software costs about $200.

Poser Content Facts

Poser content uses multiple related file types to assemble the 3d object in scene, including .obj mesh, .jpg or .png textures assets.   The native content format Poser uses relies on a nested folder format structure called a "runtime" because each Poser and Poser runtime compatable application refrences scene assets from a \runtime folder structure.  Therefore Poser content is sold as a zip file containing the runtime folder and all its nested files within. All a user needs to do to access the product in their scene is to extract the runtime and Point the Poser library to the root "runtime\" folder.

Poser 11 and DAZ 3D Studio all load Poser runtime content.  In addition E-On Vue and 3DS Maz will load Poser content into thier scenes with Poser installed.  Poser fusion is a direct interface to update Autodesk 3DS Max scenes.  E-On Vue imports Poser scene files and updates the viewport with Poser keyframes, Changes in Poser scene, reflect in Vue's scene. E-On Vue uses Poser's shader trees so you can compost from both systems and materials will be identical.

Poser 11 imports even more standard 3d model and rigged figure formats including .obj, .fbx, .dae and thier texture maps.  PoserWorld also sell 3d models in figures in FBX and Vue formats to provide the broadest application compatability and 3d pipeline imperoperability. More on Poser filetypes

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Seasons Greetings!

"SuperStore Shopping Plaza" a mega sized ready to render figure scene & super market construction prop set for Poser.

We have lots of going on and news to to share but first and foremost, we announce

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Our News & Plans:

  • PoserWorld was closed for a year as the site went a overhaul by its new co-owners Peter Martin, Dream Cutter LLC, of San Diego CA & John Hoagland of Vanishing Point Inc of Orlando FL..  Together we bring you unparalleled experience and service dedicated to the Poser Artist 3d modeling communities.

  • What to expect at the new PoserWorld this season? All New Poser Content including Animals, Environments, Buildings and Vehicles with a big focus on animation and 3d pipeline versatility.

  • We will expand our format selection to include E-On Software Vue content (vob,vom & mat)

  • PoserWorld Announces Expanded 3D Use Licence Terms to allow for Game & WebGL

Other big Poser and 3D Software News

  • Smith Micro renders Poser to Bondware, we congratulate them and the Renderosity team for the acquisition and offer our enthusiastic support.

  • Its official 18 mos after Bently's acquisition of Eon-Software, they announced that Cornucopia3d content store will be permanently closed. Vue Artists and Vendors, welcome aboard.

  • Blender2.8, there is a reason the 3d world is taking notice, its absolutely magnificent and almost too good to be free.

NEW ARTISTS and Product Line Releases:

VanishingPoint - Decades of experience, VanishingPoint represents the a team of international artists producing the largest collections of Vehicles for Poser and a wide range of adventure & popular culture theme sets for Poser, DS and FBX.

Schell by PoserWorld - Were the new home of Chris Schell's fanatically detailed line of historic military and his famous line of transforming mecha.  Chris retired from developing Poser so we are honored to be maintaing the library.

Arteria 3D - Arteria 3D has been developing scenes and figues for over 20 years.  Together with PoserWorld developers we are bringing the best of his line to you.

PoserWorld Exclusives - Our premium branded products.

PoserWorld Legacy - PoserWorld Classics, our diverse set of classic products from prior seasons.

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