SuperStore Landscaping (Prop Set for Poser)

Glorious display of tropical foliage and flower beds. Included in the SuperStore Landscaping pack are 2 prestaged tropical foliage beds featuring palms, flowers and river bed stones and the discrete folliage and props needed to customize your own commercial landscape beds.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Landscaping (Prop Set for Poser)

The SuperStore Landscaping set is part of the SuperStore Shopper Plaza prop sets (sold seperately or as a bundle) and so the prop set will load to orient within the SuperStore Shopping Plaza.  If you prefer to use this prop set independantly, load the prop and then use the props x and y trans and y rotation to 0,0 and 0 degrees and then save to your prop library under a separate name.
Advertising and brands are unique and originally concieved. This product is licensed for 2D and 3D Game/Media publishing in when protected accordance to the licence terms.

The pack includes:

  • 5 types of colorful flowers similar to bromeliad, orchid, lilly, stargazer and marigold

  • 4 palm types similar to palmetto, spanish dagger, wind swept queen, and king palms

  • 2 additional greenery plants, ornamental grass and sago

  • (2) premade foliage display beds

  • Empty flower bed (just stones)

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