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PoserWorld BLOG Feb 2024  Featuring new Art is Life video shorts.

Introducing 3 new PoserWorld Club Classics 3D Stock Content Download Membership Plans 

We now have migrated the "Poser World Paid Member Only 3D Downloads" service to PoserWorld.com We have 3 PoserWorld Club Classic Membership Plans available, Bronze (50 downloads), Silver (150 downloads) and Gold (unlimited downloads). PoserWorld Club Classics are approximately 3,500 legacy 3d content products for Poser 3D Software and DAZ 3D Studio created by the original PoserWorld founders and artists from 2002-2016 spanning a broad selection of figures, clothes, buildings, props and scenes, material textures & poses.

Important!! LIFETIME MEMBERS please REGISTER with PoserWorld.com and create a Support Ticket to be able to shop and gain Gold Membership Plan benefits and download Club Classics for free ($0.00). Please register and submit a ticket with PoserWorld.com if you have questions or need help.
  ACT FAST, the interim 3DFIG.com service will shut down by February 31, 2024

Giraffa Valentine

Featured products


The Poser 4 Labtech suit has been converted to fit the figures listed below, you will need the original (see link) and unzip this to your desktop or similar then cut and paste your runtime.

Biblical Merchant for Michael 3 - Poser / DAZ 3D ( M3 )

A Gown, Waistcoat and hat, this set is Dynamic and can only be used with M3 for Poser 5 up. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Aircraft Interior, Captains, Foyer and Romeo - captains

All textures and bumps are included

Polo Neck Dress for P4 - Posette

Polo Neck Dress for Poser P4 "Posette" figure. Required texture sets are separate and will be added to your cart automatically at no charge with purchase of the dress.

Casual Knight - M3

The Casual Knight converted to fit the following figures. You will need the original Mike 1-2 version

Davids,Royal Canadian Mounted Police - rcmptextures

The set contains a Hat, Jacket and Pants. You will need to download the textures and the model, the textures fit all versions so only need to be downloaded once.

Dynamic Blue Jeans Jacket for Dawn

The 3D blue jeans jacket is a dynamic clothes item for the Hivewire 3D Dawn Poser figure. The jacket has 2 morphs, these must be applied before starting your cloth simulation, to simulate the jacket closed images the morphs are applied then add constrained group on the area that should stay together.

Isidora for Victoria1 - FullFeatheredASHblondeTEX

Isidora for Victoria1, hair texture included

Coconut Treat

Comes as a whole or two pieces

Double Decker BLT Sandwich and Extra Food Item Models

The 3D Double Decker Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich food model for Poser and DAZ Studio also includes extra sliced bread, lettuce, bacon (2 different ones) and a tomato slice model. The texture all 2048 x 2048 and includes BUMP maps. This model set took 5 hours to model and texture.

Biblical for Simon G2

Simon gets 3 dynamic biblical gowns, 2 long ones and a short version.

Pigtail hair for lots of figures

Laura, Victoria 4, Stephanie 3 and Kate get the pigtail hair.

Underwear - m3briefmorph

Briefs and boxer shorts for Mike 3. Just added a morph to lift the band of the briefs higher

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - rcmpsp3

The set contains a Hat, Jacket and Pants.

Lounge outfit for Mike 3

Pants and top with morphs

Michael 4 Tie Dye Casual Set 2

The Michael 4 Tie Dye Casual Set are real photo textures of a tie dye shirt and red denim shorts. Includes MATS.

PT kids Dynamic pack 1

PT kids Dynamic pack 1 - Three dresses

Metro Lame' Style Outfit Texture - Material Add-On for Metro for Poser

The G2 Female Metro Lame' style material add-on for Metro contains real Lame' fabric textures and real leather textures for the shoes. Includes MATS. Requires Metro for Poser figure clothing.

Angelic Cute Party Dress for Multiple Figures - CuteParty

The angelic cute party dress fits Laura, Kate 2 and Stephanie 3. Real fabric photo texture and includes MATS.

Gas Station Fuel Pump Model

The 3D gas station fuel pump model for Poser and DAZ Studio is a double sided pump and perfect as a scene filler. This is the standalone fuel pump from our complete convenience store Poser scene

Roman cloak

Roman cloak for the Poser 4 male. Props are on this page

Larvik for Pauline

Larvik for Pauline is a coat and legging set but also includes our Ogg boots and dress boots. The coat has multiple morphs to help pose the skirt as well as styling morphs. Also included is 4 textures with MAT files.

Seamless Digital Metal Texture Pack - 10 Textures

10 seamless digital metal textures. 100% rusted, heavy brushed metal, corrugated steel, distressed rusted metal, dull steel, old warped sheet metal, rough surface metal, rusty iron, stained metal, tarnished corroded brass. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Six Seamless Real Fabric Photo Textures

The six seamless real fabric photo texture set contains: Coarse Gray Woven, Gold Embroidered Trim/Border, Dark Green Raised Patterned, Blue and Red Plaid Seersucker and two multi-color striped shirt fabric textures. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use.



Garage and Drive Scene - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D garage and driveway scene for Poser and DAZ Studio has three movable backdrops and the garage doors have morphs to open them.

Formal Dining Room Scene with Movable Furniture - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D formal dining room scene with movable furniture for Poser and DAZ Studio has a hide-able ceiling and light fixture. Everything is parented to the floor/walls (main) and all furniture and chairs are movable independently of each other. We also have quite a few housewares, artwork, other furniture and even food models to use with this scene (see our housewares, furniture and food download categories).

Monroe House

Monroe house is a modern take on the famous Marilyn Monroe dress scene, the set contains the main building and a revolving door. This model took 30 hours to complete

Police Constable - standard

A police constable outfit for Steph 3, set contains a skirt, shirt and a hat, there are 3 versions of each set to fit, standard, rubenesque and voluptuous, textures and hat fit all so must be downloaded to use the set.

Cute Denim

3 items in this set, Skirt, Vest and Handbag, everything is conforming but Poser 5 and 6 users can use combined Dynamic with Conforming for greater movement of the skirt, see tutorial section

Green Floral and Stretch Denim Martinique Outfit for Stephanie 3

The green floral and stretch denim Martinique outfit for Stephanie 3 are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS.

Dynamic Halter dress for Stephanie 3

Stephanie gets a strapless halter dress, this dress is Dynamic and must be used in the Poser cloth room. It is all set up and ready to use (Please see "Read me" for collision offset settings)

Swimsuit 1 variations

For Victoria 1&2

Melbourne for Victoria 3

Melbourne for Victoria 3 is a 4 part set consisting of a dress, boots, hat with hair and poses. The dress has movement morphs to help fit the skirt portion over poses and has 2 working pockets with poses to work with these morphs.

Menton for Victoria 4

Menton is a conforming dress for Victoria 4 that can also be used in the cloth room of Poser as a hybrid, the dress has body morphs to control the skirt as well as body morphs such as Voluptuous, Fitness and more.

M1956 East German Eggshell Helmet Prop

The m1956 east German eggshell helmet Poser / DAZ Studio prop was also used by other world armies. Perfect for any military or war scene.

BasketBall High-Top Sneakers TEXTURES maps - required download for BasketBall High-Top Sneakers

These are texture maps required with the BasketBall High-Top Sneakers and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

FlightSuit 2005 for Poser - Required Textures

These are texture maps required with the FlightSuit 2005 for Poser and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

Space Fleet Officer for Poser - Required Textures (Male)

These are texture maps required with the Space Fleet Officer for Poser and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

1909 Dress, Props and pose for Poser - Required Textures

1909 Dress, Props and pose for Judy (P5) Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime