Poser World (Re-Opening January 2019)

Poser World, one of the largest on-line stores specalizing Poser 3D content is back under new ownership and store administration.  
Please be patient as new services and products are added and the legacy PoserWorld products and services restored.
New for 2109, the store website has been renovated and brought up to the latest e-commerce technology, information security and EU VAT and GDPR and privacy compliance. We have hundreds of NEW and exciting Poser products being added, new themes, new formats including DS, and Vue in addition to the incrredibly diverse selecvtion of legacy and free Poser World items. Our goal is to restore services and restore access to downloads for legacy PoserWorld lifetime club members. 
This store is different from the others.  We WILL accept critical comments and improve. Whin the limits of our liberal TOS, we feel freedom of speach in forums and unfiltered product reviews and our response is the key to earning your loyality. It's our #1 commitment to the Poser graphics community. 

One last thing... There is no copyprotection or Digital Right Management (DRM) schemes on PoserWorld purchases so you do not ever have to worry about accessing and editing your purchased runtime files.

We upgraded the Poser World 3D model store to the latest version this morning. Everything went as planned.
Poser World 3D Store Roadmap -Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Small changes, and updates in the works at Poser World Please read the full details