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Featured products

British army boots v3

The combat boots redone to two pair of boots (Black and desert) to fit all Figures listed below

Smooth Operator Velvet Dress Textures for Aiko 3 : A3SP3SmoothOVelvet

The smooth operator velvet dress textures for Aiko 3 and Stephanie 3 contains 3 textures, black, burgundy and dark pink. Includes MATS.

Easter Style Angelic Dress Textures for Aiko 4

2 Easter style dress textures for Aiko 4. Includes MATS.

Victorian Day Lady

A Standalone Figure

Dynamic Sweater and Slacks Outfit for Dawn

The 3D slacks and sweater clothing models for the Hivewire 3D Dawn figure are dynamic. The pants have a constrained area set on them and the recommended collision offset is .2. This clothing model set took 5 hours to model and texture.

Elvira - JSchool-A3

Made for Victoria 4

Vintage Wall Clock Model with Movement

The 3D vintage wall clock model has hands that can be moved and the numbers and sweeps are raised off the dial. The clock model is perfect for any diner, pub or other interior scene.

1950 Predicta TV Set Model

The 1950's Predict TV Set Model has movements to rotate the screen and turn the volume and channel knobs. The TV is perfect for any 50's style scene or render. This model took 9 hours to model and texture.

Halloween Props

The Halloween Poser / DAZ Studio Props set contains a carved pumpkin, a candy bucket and candy. Real photo textures with BUMP maps. All items have been texture mapped so that the textures can be modified.

Angelic Dress for Stephanie Poser 7 - SP3

A Detailed dress to fit Kate 2 comes with 2 Angelic textures and a Gothic Lolita style texture.Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Flannel Ducky Night Gown for Kids 4

The flannel ducky dynamic night gown / Night Shirt for the DAZ Kids 4 is a real fabric photo texture with finished seams and edges and includes a BUMP map

Laura Brown Canvas Outdoors Clothing Textures

The Laura brown canvas clothing textures contains a dark brown canvas pair of slacks and shorts with belt, brushed gold buckle and zippers, also includes an off-white knit shirt. Includes MATS.

Laura Boy Scouts of America Style Scout Shirt

The Laura Boy Scout of America (BSA) style scout shirt comes complete with patches and a real twill fabric photo texture. Includes MATS.

Poodle for Laura - Poser Laura

A Poodle skirt, Blouse, Shoes with socks and Glasses for your 50's girl Laura. Skirt can be used Conforming or Dynamic/Conforming. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Swept hair

Fits, Mike 3, Mike 1-2, Vicky 1-2-3, PT Boy or Girl, Freak, David, Steph 3 and Mayadoll

Red Army Uniforms for Michael 3 - Poser / DAZ 3D ( M3 )

Command your Red Private, Rifle Division and Red Army Infantry Uniforms for Poser / DAZ 3D David. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Tarzan for Michael 3

Michael 3 gets a Tarzan style loincloth and a pair of trunks to go underneath, they both have morphs so all 3 muscle man morphs can be used, the loincloth has morphs to pose it and it can be used in the cloth room as a hybrid.

Galactic Oligarch for Mike 4

Galactic Oligarch for Michael consists of a pair of pants with built in boots and a jacket that can be morphed to remove the shirt, opened and have a shirt tail style, there are also morphs to control the hem and 2 body handles.

Dark Green Striped Smart Polo Texture for Michael 4 and Hiro 4

The dark green striped smart polo texture for Michael 4 and Hiro 4 is contains real fabric, button and insignia photo textures with finished seams and edges. includes MATS.

Light and Lively Metro Day Wear - Material Pack, Add-On for Metro for Poser

The light and lively day wear for multiple figures are real fabric photo textures and fits: G2F Sydney and others. Includes MATS. This material pack requires "Metro for Poser" multi-figure clothing.

Football (Soccer) Uniform for Multiple Figures - Poser Luke, Laura, DAZ 3D SP3, David, M3, and Hero

The red & black striped football / soccer uniform for Poser Luke, Laura, DAZ 3D Stephanie 3, David, Michael 3, and Hero are real fabric and show textures. Finished seams and edges. Includes MATS. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

US Military Digital Camo for Multiple Figures - sp3

The US Military Digital Camo are real camouflage photo textures and includes stitching. Fits Apollo, G2 Male, James, Luke, Michael 3 and Stephanie 3. Includes MATS.

Blue and Gold 15th Century Outfit for Michael 3, Luke, Laura and David - MF-BlueGold15thCentury

The blue and gold 15th century outfit textures for Michael 3, Luke, Laura and David are real period fabric photo textures and includes bump maps and MATS.

Pack 1

3 tops, 2 pants, catsuit and boots for Phoebe

GIRL set 1

Skirt and vest for DAZ's the Girl

Roman frock

Hair is in hair section

Seamless Digital Metal Texture Pack - 10 Textures

10 seamless digital metal textures. 100% rusted, heavy brushed metal, corrugated steel, distressed rusted metal, dull steel, old warped sheet metal, rough surface metal, rusty iron, stained metal, tarnished corroded brass. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Digital Rock and Stone Set 1 - Dark-Rough-Rock

The digital seamless rock and stone set 1 are 3000x3000 pixel textures and are 100% tileable, the set  contains: Broken Veined Rock, Cracked Brown Granite, Dark Brown Rough Rock, Dark Rough Rock, Golden Limestone, Light Brown Pitted Rock, Reddish Granite, Rough Brown Granite, Rough Hewn Rock, Rough Multicolor Stone and Rough Yellow Granite. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use.

Dynamic Slacks and Crew Neck Shirt for Rex

The 3D crew neck shirt and slacks for the Poser Rex figure are dynamic clothes. This model set took 6 hours to model and texture.

Old Cart

An old cart left and forgotten. everything shown is included, plus a barn type backdrop.

Late Night TV Talk Show Scene

The 3D late night TV talk show scene for Poser and DAZ Studio is a version TV Show set. The two poseable TV cameras, host desk and chair and the two guest chairs are parented to the main TV set model and can be move as needed. Several of the textures are 4096 x 4096 so that when doing close up renders the textures do not blur. If you have problems loading the large textures you may resize them to 2048 x 2048. This model set took 7 hours to model and texture.

Complete 1890's Saloon Interior Scene - Poser / DAZ Format

The 3D 1890's complete saloon interior scene has the following: All of the walls and ceiling (and ceiling lamp fixtures) can be hidden individually. The walls, ceiling, bar, piano, spittoon and tables are all parented to the floor. The chairs around each table are parented to each table. The chair in front of the piano is parented to the piano. The ceiling lamp fixtures are parented to the ceiling. The cash register is parented to the bar and all keys, price flags and cash drawer are functional. You may duplicate the tables and chairs in the scene to add more of them to the scene. All items in the the scene may be move or rearranged as needed. Each wall has crown molding, wainscoting and floor trim.The entire scene took a total of 60 hours to model and texture.

Fireplace with wall

A Fireplace scene with wall and floor for your Poser characters to party or chat, the fire screen can be removed to reveal a boxed back.

Balcony Bathroom

This scene is a bathroom on a balcony, included in the zip are 3 camera settings.

Sci-Fi Heavy Assault Weapon Model

The 3D sci-fi heavy assault weapon model for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements to pull the trigger, move the receiver cooking arm and turn the ammo drum. This model took 8 hours to model and texture.

SciFi suits - scifisuitmuscle

Each set contains Full JCM Morphs and body morphs to Unzip (2 different lengths), set 1 is for a standard Steph and set 2 for the muscle morph set too 1.000..Links are below the image

Two soft leather skirts

For any Vicky

Nightgown - v2

For DAZ's Vicky 1 or 2

Coat with polo neck for Victoria 2

Click image to download

Lyon set - V3

Made for Vicky 4

Red Knit Winter Cardigan for Victoria 4

The red cardigan for Victoria 4 are real knit photo textures, including the sleeve and bottom edging. Has finished edges and includes MATS.

Complete Modular Mall 3D Bundle Poser Format

This 3D bundle contains all 5 sections and accessories of our modular mall scene for Poser and DAZ Studio in one download. It is a 71 megabyte download.

See below previews for full details on included models.
$25.85 $6.99

Coat Dress for for DAZ Victoria 4

A classy coat dress for DAZ Victoria 4. It has movement morphs and a skirt handle to help pose the dress. The dress is also packed full of styling morphs such as, Plunging neckline, Undon, Tight sleeves, One less button, Undo top and many more. The dress is fully conforming but can also be used as a hybrid in the cloth room, full details are in the readme file.

Mega Farm Environment with Farmhouse and Barn Poser Format

The 3D Mega Farm environment / scene in Poser 3D model format has 4 buildings, a farmhouse, barn, open shed and gazebo. See below for more details.

Rainbow Trout Fish Model Poser Format

3D rainbow trout fish model for Poser and DAZ Studio has morphs to bend the head and wiggle the tail.