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Introducing 3 new PoserWorld Club Classics 3D Stock Content Download Membership Plans 

We now have migrated the "Poser World Paid Member Only 3D Downloads" service to PoserWorld.com We have 3 PoserWorld Club Classic Membership Plans available, Bronze (50 downloads), Silver (150 downloads) and Gold (unlimited downloads). PoserWorld Club Classics are approximately 3,500 legacy 3d content products for Poser 3D Software and DAZ 3D Studio created by the original PoserWorld founders and artists from 2002-2016 spanning a broad selection of figures, clothes, buildings, props and scenes, material textures & poses.

Important!! LIFETIME MEMBERS please REGISTER with PoserWorld.com and create a Support Ticket to be able to shop and gain Gold Membership Plan benefits and download Club Classics for free ($0.00). Please register and submit a ticket with PoserWorld.com if you have questions or need help.
  ACT FAST, the interim 3DFIG.com service will shut down by February 1, 2021

Featured products

Aiko's Male Suit 1

For DAZ's Aiko1 character male morph. does NOT work with aiko3

Firefighter Conversions-v

The Poser 4 firefighter suit has been converted to fit the figures listed below, you will need the original (Click here) and unzip this to your desktop or similar then cut and paste your runtime.

Cute and Casual for Anastasia

Anastasia gets a pair of conforming trainers and a set of Dynamic clothing, the set contains three quarter pants, long shorts, shorts, long shirt and a short shirt.

Suit for Apollo : ApolloSuitTemplates

A suit for Apollo, the set includes pants with built in boots, a jacket with loads of opening and movement morphs and a jumper.

Summer for Ben2

Shirt, Shorts, Socks and Socks with Shoes for Ben 2 (Fits Ben 1 as well), the socks and socks with shoes have MAT files to change the length.

Open Farm Shed Model with Gate Movements

The 3D open shed model for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements to open the gate and gate lock. Works perfectly with our farm barn model (and ground), fenced paddock model and grain storage silo model. This model took 6 hours to model and texture.

Modular Single Unit Apartment with Movements for Poser

The 3D modular apartment is a single unit model for Poser and DAZ Studio. They can be set side by side and across from each other to create a larger scene. All of the doors open and close (except the showers). The roof, ceiling, inner / outer perimeter walls can be hidden for better camera angles. The outside models and yard can also be hidden if needed. The interior and exterior can be used.

Casual Knight - M3

The Casual Knight converted to fit the following figures. You will need the original Mike 1-2 version

French Fries Food Props

The French fries Poser / DAZ Studio food props contains crinkle cut an regular cut French fries perfect for any dining scene.

Fine Art Models Set 2

The 3D fine art models set two for Poser and DAZ Studio contains 6 fine art models. Included are: Dante plaster bust, Napoleon marble bust, unknown man stone sculpture, The marble player marble statue, Tennyson plaster bust and a St. Hugh stone statue. See red me for further details.See also Fine Art 3D Models Set 1 and Set 3.

Interior Realism Models Kit - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D interior realism models kit for Poser and DAZ Studio contains a single wall switch,  a double wall switch, a triple wall switch, a paddle wall switch, a dimmer wall switch, an electrical outlet, a thermostat and wall vent models to help your interior scenes look more realistic. With the exception of the thermostat cover the other models colors can be easily changed to suit your needs.


A fully poseable set of brass scales. This model took 7 hours to create.

GO Man Super Hero Outfit for Michael 3 - SuperHero-M3

The GO Man super hero outfit clothing textures, include green stretch body suit, black stretch cape, gloves, leather boots and a gold metal utility belt. MATS Included.

Newquay for Michael 4

Newquay for Michael contains a pair of pants, a shirt and a pair of flip flops. The shirt has morphs to relax the collar, expand the hem and to morphs to fix Mikes rounded shoulders problem, the flip flops have a "hang down" morph for a more natural look.

Pleated for Miki 2

Miki 2 gets 3 pairs of Loafers, with long socks, short socks and no socks. A pleated skirt with body handles and movement morphs. A Shirt with adjustment morphs. All items come with body morphs to fit Gizelle 2 and lots of textures and MATs are included.

Bedtime for Miki 2

Bedtime for Miki 2 contains a pair of shorts and a crop vest.

Romper suit for the Mil baby 3

The suit has both heavy body morphs built in

Cheongsam 2 Exotic Dresses for Stephanie 3 - Poser / DAZ 3D ( SP3 )

The Cheongsam 2 exotic dress for SP3 has realistic textures: Asian, Indian (India), Hounds-tooth and Snake Skin. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Angelic Cute Party Dress for Multiple Figures - SP3

The angelic cute party dress fits Laura, Kate 2 and Stephanie 3. Real fabric photo texture and includes MATS.

15th Century Elaborate for Michael 3, David and Luke & Laura - 15thCElaborate

The 15th century elaborate outfit for Michael 3, David and Luke & Laura are real 15th century fabric photo textures. Pants and Tunic have seam/stitches. Includes MATS.

WW2 Tent

A World War 2 style tent, the tent comes as 4 parts, main tent, sides and two doors and the doors have open morphs. This model took 20 hours to make.

Yard Sign Models - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D yard sign models for Poser and DAZ Studio includes 6 signs, three large signs and three small signs. Also included are sign templates so that the signs can be customized, or if you prefer you may make your own signs and apply the textures.

Modular Train Tracks Prop

The modular train tracks prop is ready to use, additional segments can be added to create a longer train track. Real Photo textures with excellent BUMP maps.

Greek Scabbard

For DAZ's Michael

Ramses hat 2

Click here

Cowboy Hat 2

For DAZ's

Seamless Large Lace - 346x86

Seamless large lace photo texture on transparent background, 346x86 pixels, 72dpi, 32bit color depth. 60k transparent PNG image. Can be used as a merchant resource.

Seamless Fabric Photo Textures

The seamless fabric photo textures pack contains 8 textures: Anais Striped, 3 Color Stripe, Black & Pink Stripe, Blue Checkerboard, Green & Brown Plaid, Indian Sequin and Blue Plaid. This is a merchant resource.

Seamless Denim Fabric

Seamless denim fabric photo texture, 2736x1224 pixels, 240dpi, 24bit color depth. 5.1mb JPG image.

Seamless Marble Photo Textures 3000x3000 - Beige-Varigated-Marble

The seamless granite photo textures are 3000x3000 pixels, 100% tileable. Contains: Beige Varigated Marble, Brown Heavy Vein Marble, Golden Marble, Grey Chunky Marble, Red Chunky Marble, Red Grey Marble, and White Brown Ground Marble. Packaged individually due the large file sizes. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use.

Eight Seamless Photo Textures of Grass and Yard 3000x3000 pixels - Centipede-Grass

The eight seamless grass and yard photo textures are real photos that have been made seamless and contains: centipede grass, dark dirt and weeds, dying grass, low growing plants, neglected yard, overgrown yard, uncut grass and weather damaged grass. Each texture is a huge 3000x3000 pixels and are 100% tileable. Packaged individually due the large file sizes. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use. Texture size 9mb to 13mb each.Note: the previews are displayed at 50% reduced zoom.

Large Green Tree Model

The 3D large green tree model for Poser and DAZ studio is fairly high poly and works well in nearly any outdoor or fantasy scene. This model took 5 hours to model and texture.

Bus poses and Cameras

Poses for the Bus, Aiko 3, Victoria 3, Laura, the P4 Female and matching Cameras.

Low Cut Slinky Knit Dress for Roxie

The 3D slinky low cut knit dress for Poser Roxie is a dynamic clothing model. This model took three hours to model and texture.

Full Scale Washington Monument Scene - WashingtonMonumentScene

The 3D Washington monument 3D scene for Poser and DAZ Studio, is full scale and loads quickly. The BUMP maps are a separate download and will need to be put in the "Washington Monument" texture folder. This model took 25 hours to model and texture. This scene is a Poser World member requested item.

Kozaburo's long hair textures

Textures are for 'Koz's Long Hair' from Digital babes. They will not work on any other hair model. Do not confuse this model with Long hair evolution which is different

Fantasy Gypsy for Vicky 1, 2 or 3 - v2

See text above to download

Pink Lace Bedtime for Victoria 3

The pink lace bedtime outfit for Victoria 3 is a real fabric lace photo texture with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS and TransMaps.

Sport 2006 for Vicky 3

4 items in this set, Pants, Sports Bra, Jacket and Shoes. The Jacket has 6 opening morphs, 1 lengthen and an expand morph.

Kostroma Jacket for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a double breasted jacket packed with movement, styling and figure morphs, the bag and phone can be found in the props section.

Dynamic Mermaid dress for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a dynamic mermaid style dress

BasketBall High-Top Sneakers TEXTURES maps - required download for BasketBall High-Top Sneakers

These are texture maps required with the BasketBall High-Top Sneakers and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

FlightSuit 2005 for Poser - Required Textures

These are texture maps required with the FlightSuit 2005 for Poser and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

1909 Dress, Props and pose for Poser - Required Textures

1909 Dress, Props and pose for Judy (P5) Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime

Cheongsam Version 2 - Required Textures

These are texture maps required with the Cheongsam Version 2 and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.