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Introducing 3 new PoserWorld Club Classics 3D Stock Content Download Membership Plans 

We now have migrated the "Poser World Paid Member Only 3D Downloads" service to PoserWorld.com We have 3 PoserWorld Club Classic Membership Plans available, Bronze (50 downloads), Silver (150 downloads) and Gold (unlimited downloads). PoserWorld Club Classics are approximately 3,500 legacy 3d content products for Poser 3D Software and DAZ 3D Studio created by the original PoserWorld founders and artists from 2002-2016 spanning a broad selection of figures, clothes, buildings, props and scenes, material textures & poses.

Important!! LIFETIME MEMBERS please REGISTER with PoserWorld.com and create a Support Ticket to be able to shop and gain Gold Membership Plan benefits and download Club Classics for free ($0.00). Please register and submit a ticket with PoserWorld.com if you have questions or need help.
  ACT FAST, the interim 3DFIG.com service will shut down by February 1, 2021

Featured products

Ornamental Cherry Tree Model Poser Format

The 3D ornamental cherry tree model in Poser 3D model format is medium poly (170k polys) and several can be used in a scene without draining resources.


The Poser 4 Labtech suit has been converted to fit the figures listed below, you will need the original (see link) and unzip this to your desktop or similar then cut and paste your runtime.

Smooth Operator Velvet Dress Textures for Stephanie 3 : A3SP3SmoothOVelvet

The smooth operator velvet dress textures for Aiko 3 and Stephanie 3, contains 3 textures, black, burgundy and dark pink. Includes MATS.

US Military Set 1 :m3

Boots, Hat, TShirt and Pants, the set also includes textures and MATs for 2 Desert sets, Woodland, Urban, CIA, K9, SWAT, Standard Police and UK Police.

Georgia Man, Karate, Latin Man and Male Robe - latinman

All textures and bumps are included

Multi-Period Dress Textures for P4 Posette

Dresses from many historical periods for P4 Posette. These are the requires additional texture file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no charge with seection of Multi-Period Dress for Posette P4

Ethan for Simon G2

Ethan is a clothing set and more, for Simon G2, he gets, Hair, Beard, Eyepatch, Shirt, Pants, Boots and Boots with spurs.

Morphing Aluminum Can Prop

The morphing Aluminum Can Poser / DAZ Studio prop has a crush morph, and a open/tab back morph. Also includes a mapped texture template so that that the label can be changed if needed.

Coffee Maker Prop Set

The coffee maker prop set has a coffee make and a coffee pot, the pot can be used separately. The renders doesn't show much of the detail in the set.

Palermo outfit - v3

This is a set consisting of boot, Pants, jumper and jacket. Created to fit the Victoria 3 model with her breasts set to a size 1 (or hide chest and both collars)

Cutesy Teddy Bear Pajama Texture for Laura - Pajamas

The cutesy teddy bear pajama texture for Laura is a real fabric photo texture with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS.

Policeman Mike

3 CR2's, Blue, dark and tan uniform, 2 hat props and other props shown parented to the clothing

Clothing Pack 1 for Michael 3

For Michael 3, set contains 2 tops, 2 pair of pants and two pairs of shoes.

Knit Turin Outfit for Michael 3

The sophisticated knit Turin outfit for Michael 3 contains a multi-color knit top, brown knit scarf, an off-white knit cardy style jacket, dark gray pants and a pair of dark brown faux leather boots. All textures are real photo textures and includes MATS.

Miki evening dress

A Dynamic/Conforming Hybrid Evening dress for Miki, See Tutorial section for how to use this.

Green Metro Outfit for Multiple Figures - Poser G2, DAZ 3D Laura, SP3, and V3

The green Metro outfit contains a green plaid top, solid green pants and shoes. Fits: G2 Female, Laura, Stephanie 3 and Victoria 3. Real fabric textures and includes MATS.

Sci-Fi Alien 2099 Bodysuits for Luke and Laura

The sci-fi alien 2099 bodysuits for Luke and Laura are real textures, the sleeves and pants have BUMP maps. One suit has a scale effect and the other a geometric beaded circle effect. Includes one set of boots. Includes MATS.

US Military Digital Camo for Multiple Figures - USMIL-DIGITAL-CAMO

The US Military Digital Camo are real camouflage photo textures and includes stitching. Fits Apollo, G2 Male, James, Luke, Michael 3 and Stephanie 3. Includes MATS.

Redwood Picnic Table Model

The 3D picnic table Poser / DAZ studio model, has well detailed textures with BUMP maps and is ready to go into in outdoor picnic scene or render.


This set contains 3 figures, the pants with suspenders and teeshirt, the jacket and helmet

Sheriff's Star

For DAZ's

Children's School Supplies Models

The 3D Poser and DAZ studio children's school supplies models contains, a notebook, ruler, eraser, scissors and pencil. The scissors have an open/cut morph.

Digital Seamless Wood Flooring Texture Pack

The seamless digital wood flooring texture pack contains 6 textures: ash, cherry, hardwood, mahogany, pecan and pine flooring textures. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Digital Seamless Light Gray Pattern Fabric Textures

The seamless digital light gray pattern textures contain 10 textures. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Fabric and Textile Photo Textures

The seamless fabric and textile photo textures are real fabrics and textiles and are a merchant resource. Contains 7 textures.

Seamless Granite Photo Textures 3000x3000 Pixels -Green-Granite

The seamless granite photo textures are 3000x3000 pixels, 100% tileable. Contains: Dark Brown Granite, Dark Rust Granite, Green Granite, Grey Rust Granite, Grey with Blue Granite, Light Blue Granite, Muddled Beige Granite and Variegated Brown Granite. Packaged individually due the large file sizes. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use.

Large Maple Tree Model - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D large maple tree plant model for Poser and DAZ studio is medium polygon so that you may use several in a scene without any memory or performance issues.

Foxglove Plant Model

The 3D Foxglove plant Poser and DAZ Studio model is perfect for any yard or garden scene. This is a Poser World member requested model.


This model took 18 hours to model and texture.


Interior and Exterior Beach House Scene - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D beach house scene is a complete interior / exterior scene for Poser and DAZ Studio.All four walls and roof can be hidden. The two light fixtures can be moved or hidden. There are three backdrops that can be moved as needed. There are two sand sections, one on each side of the main sand section. They can be moved or hidden as needed.The house floor/deck is parented to the main sand section. All of the interior is parented to the main floor/deck section. The lights are parented to the roof. To open the sliding glass door, select the right wall section and use the open door morph.

Scfi coat

A long coat for Steph 3, desgined to fit over the standard Scifi suit, comes with morphs basic morphs, morphs to fit all the DAZ poses and morphs to fit the 4 included poses (3 shown here) and JCM poses for the Scfisuit.

Oriental Summertown Outfit for Stephanie 3

The Summertown Oriental outfit has a matching jacket and slacks and a red-Brown cotton top (all real fabric textures) and includes MATS.

Sport 2006

Textures for the set from here

Textures for the Vicky Peasant

Set for V3 is here

Volkswagen Beetle Car Model

The 3D Volkswagen Beetle car model for Poser and DAZ Studio has a complete interior, the steering wheel, shifter, doors and wheels have movements to spin, turn, open, etc. This model took 75 hours to model and texture.

Hawaiian Dress Textures for the Victoria 3 Dress 1

The Hawaiian dress textures fit the dress1 in the Victoria 3 clothing pack. The textures are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS.

Conforming Madrid Outfit for Victoria 3 - Poser / DAZ 3D

This set contains Pants, Jacket, Sandles and Shirt, the Shirt and Jacket have opening and movement morphs. Also available is a Dynamic version of the shirt and Pants, all from the links below. Important: This item requires a texture map file downloads that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Two Formal Textures for the Victoria 4 Dynamic Classic Dresses

The two formal dress textures for the dynamic Victoria 4 Classic dresses are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges.

Time Bomb Model with Movements

The 3D time bomb model for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements for the clock hands and timer knob. This model took 7 hours to model and texture.

BasketBall High-Top Sneakers TEXTURES maps - required download for BasketBall High-Top Sneakers

These are texture maps required with the BasketBall High-Top Sneakers and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

FlightSuit 2005 for Poser - Required Textures

These are texture maps required with the FlightSuit 2005 for Poser and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

1909 Dress, Props and pose for Poser - Required Textures

1909 Dress, Props and pose for Judy (P5) Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime

Cheongsam Version 2 - Required Textures

These are texture maps required with the Cheongsam Version 2 and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.