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Featured products

Late Night TV Talk Show Environment Poser Format

A 3D late night TV talk show environment / scene in Poser 3D model format. The two posable TV cameras, host desk and chair and the two guest chairs are parented to the main TV set model and can be move as needed.

Several of the textures are 4096 x 4096 so that when doing close up renders the textures do not blur.

Dive Bar Interior Environment Poser Format

The 3D dive bar interior environment / scene in Poser 3D model format is a two-walled scene with movable beer bottles, beer glass, pretzels and bowl and bar chairs. The bar lift top moves as does the office door.


The Poser 4 Labtech suit has been converted to fit the figures listed below, you will need the original (see link) and unzip this to your desktop or similar then cut and paste your runtime.

Blue Polkadot Angelic Dress and a Red Sequin RaRa Dress for Aiko 4

The blue polkadot Angelic dress and the red sequin RaRa dress for Aiko 4 are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS.

Doctor Anastasia, Shae and Alyson2

The girls get a Doctor's outfit consisting of a pair of shoes, a dress and a white coat, the dress has morphs to pose the skirt portion and the coat has matching morphs as well as 8 Posing morphs such as Closed, Left Side out Etc. The dress and Coat have morphs to fit all 3 figures and the readme contains detailed instructions.

Scouting Outfit for Ben 2

The Scouting outfit for Ben 2 contains boots with socks, shorts, shirt with scarf and a hat with hair. This model took 25 hours to complete.

Pizza Shop Building Facade Model

The 3D pizza shop building model for Poser and DAZ Studio is a facade model and is perfect for any urban street or shopping center scene. The texture includes a BUMP map (However it isn't applied by default).

Modular Wrought Iron Fence Model

The 3D modular wrought iron fence model for Poser and DAZ Studio has a gate the opens and handle that turns. The set contains a fence section, a gate section and a single post so that you may configure the fence to suit your needs. There are BUMP maps as well, however they are not applied by default.

PAKO for Milbaby1

character set for milbaby1 - Pako, Constantine, Stephan, and Jonnie

Upscale Patio Furniture Models - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D upscale furniture models for Poser and DAZ Studio includes the chairs, ottoman and sofa. There is an extra chair model included in the set. This patio furniture model set works perfectly with our upscale veranda scene.

Leather Couch Model

The 3D leather couch model for Poser and DAZ Studio has well detail textures. Perfect for any indoor living or office scene. The textures include BUMP maps, however the BUMP's are not applied by default.

Stove and Oven Combo Prop

The stove and oven combo appliance is a new addition to our Poser World kitchen props. The door and drawer have open movements and can be found under "figures" once installed. Also comes with additional textures: Avacodo, Brown, Gold and White (as shown).



Uplighter Lamp

An uplighter lamp for your poser Scenes

Victorian Travel Case with Morphs Model - VictorianTravelCase

The 3D Victorian Travel Case model for Poser and DAZ Studio has a morph to open the lid. The texture includes a BUMP map (not applied) by default) and there is an extra download for the Leather Normal / Displacement map. This model took 6 hours to model and texture.

Dungaree set for Matt and Maddie

A set of dungarees and teeshirt for the new Preschoolers, each item has 2 textures and MAT files to apply them, there are also MAT files to make them shorts and short sleeved, Also included are the sports shoes converted.


For Mike..or stand alone..Mike 3 owners can use the Mike 2 version that comes with him as only the head is visible.

Long Overcoat - MIKElongOvercoatPLAINtexs

Long Overcoat for michael2

Black Knight of Kallmorsia - OK-Cloak-M3

Turn Michael 3 into a heroic or evil Knight

Artificial Arm for Michael 4

Michael 4 gets a Prosthetic Arm, please check the readme file for detailed instructions on using this model

Abby set

For DAZ's Pre-teen girl, Pants, shoes, skirt, rucksack and two shirts to mix and match

Red and Black Football (Soccer) Uniform for Hiro - Poser / DAZ 3D Hiro

The red & black striped football / soccer uniform for Hiro are real fabric and show textures. Finished seams and edges. Includes MATS. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Lavender Paisley and Denim for Texture Set for Metro for Poser

The Lavender Paisley and Denim Material Set for Metro outfit are read fabric textures and include dark purple (real) suede footwear. Materials for Metro for Poser G2 Female, Laura, Stephanie 3 and Victoria 3. Has finished seams and edges.

Push Lawn Mower Model with Movements

The 3D push lawn mower model for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements to turn the blade and front / back wheels. The lawn mower is perfect for any outdoor yard, garage or other scene. This model took 10 hours to model and texture.

City Street Trash Receptacle Model

The 3D city street trash receptacle for Poser and DAZ Studio is perfect for any street, park etc scene or render.

Redwood Picnic Table Model

The 3D picnic table Poser / DAZ studio model, has well detailed textures with BUMP maps and is ready to go into in outdoor picnic scene or render.

Trash Dumpster Model with Movements

The 3D trash dumpster for Poser and DAZ Studio has lids that lift and wheels that spin and swivel. This model took three hours to model and texture.

Flat Curled Thigh Boots

For the Poser4 female

Ramses Sandles

Egyptian sandles for the Poser 4 male.

Seamless Bone 1, 2 and 3 Photo Textures - bleached-bone-th

300dpi, 24 bit color depth, seamless bleached bone

Seamless Men's Fabrics Photo Textures 3000x3000 pixels - Grey-Mens-Suit

The men's fabric photo textures are all real fabrics, are 3000x3000 pixels (6-10mb each) and are 100% tileable. This set contains: Blue & White Shirt Fabric, Brown Plaid Suit Fabric, Dark Small Pinstripe Fabric, Grey Striped Men's Suit Fabric, Gray Patterned Wool Fabric, Light Brown Plaid Suit Fabric, Multi-Color Striped Shirt Fabric, Tweed, Wool Houndstooth Suit Fabric. Packaged individually due the large file sizes. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use.

Roisin Skin Texture for Poser Roxie Figure

The Roisin skin texture for Poser Roxie was contributed by Dylan Saunders, Included are 4096x4096 body and head texture and bump maps, and a 1024x1024 teeth and gums texture and bump set.

Classic bedroom

An old style bedroom all parts can be moved or used in other scenes.

Park bench

A multipart park bench scene, everything you see is included (apart from Stephanie) and can be moved to suit

Planets and Moon Props

The four seamless Poser Planet and Moon Props are 100% seamless (can be animated), each texture can be used as a bump map (already set) and includes: Spice Planet, Lunar Moon, Mars Planet and Over civilized Planet. After placing files into your Poser runtime you will find these planets under Props.

Nightlife Shoes styles bags

Nightlife Shoes styles bags for DAZ's Nightlife set

6 Lindsay Outfit Textures - Material Pack for Lindsay Outfit for Poser

6 additional textures & materials for the Lindsay Outfit for Poser (required).

Guardian textures

Extra textures for the Guardian

Mike's LongOvercoat Plain tex

Bump file and MAT for a plain black leather look

The Vittorio bundle - uscop

A big set of converted clothing to fit Vittorio from DAZ (created by pdxjim)

Hawaiian Dress Textures for the Victoria 3 Dress 1

The Hawaiian dress textures fit the dress1 in the Victoria 3 clothing pack. The textures are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS.

Race Queen for Victoria 4

Race Queen for Victoria 4 is a 3 piece clothing set consisting of jacket, skirt and crop top, the jacket is fully lined so you can have 2 different colors and has 2 open morphs. The skirt is controlled with body handles.

Summer Paisley Casablanca Dress for Victoria 4

The summer paisley Casablanca dress is a real cloth photo texture and includes MATS.

Medieval Battle Axe Model - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D medieval battle axe weapon model for Poser and DAZ Studio is a replica of a two-handed medieval battle axe.

Primitive Spear Weapon Prop

The primitive spear weapon props is a new addition to our Poser / DAZ studio weapon props.

FlightSuit 2005 for Poser - Required Textures

These are texture maps required with the FlightSuit 2005 for Poser and will be automatically added to your cart with the associated item, at no additional cost.

Complete Modular Mall 3D Bundle Poser Format

This 3D bundle contains all 5 sections and accessories of our modular mall scene for Poser and DAZ Studio in one download. It is a 71 megabyte download.

See below previews for full details on included models.
$25.85 $6.99

Rainbow Trout Fish Model Poser Format

3D rainbow trout fish model for Poser and DAZ Studio has morphs to bend the head and wiggle the tail.

Coat Dress for for DAZ Victoria 4

A classy coat dress for DAZ Victoria 4. It has movement morphs and a skirt handle to help pose the dress. The dress is also packed full of styling morphs such as, Plunging neckline, Undon, Tight sleeves, One less button, Undo top and many more. The dress is fully conforming but can also be used as a hybrid in the cloth room, full details are in the readme file.