3D Transportation Model | 3D Vehicles Model

This category contains Poser 3D transportation and vehicle models that work seamlessly in Smith Micro Poser software versions 6 through 11, all versions of Poser Pro 3D software, and all versions of DAZ Studio 3D software. Buy 3D transportation and vehicle models for Poser software and DAZ Studio 3D software.

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1960's Era Farm Pickup Truck Model

The 3D 1960's era farm pickup truck model for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements to turn the steering wheel, move the shifter, open the doors and spin / turn the wheels. The main door windows can also be hidden to give it the appearance that the windows are rolled down. Three of the textures are 4096 x 4096, if you have issues loading the textures you can resize the textures to 2048 x 2048. This model took 55 hours to model and texture.

4WD Car


A Morse Key

This update contains a Morse key with a sending morph, the spring flexes as the code is sent. This model took 8 hours to complete.

Ancient Roman Chariot Model

The 3D ancient Roman chariot Poser / DAZ Studio model is ready to go into any ancient history scene or render. The wheels spin and texture templates are included so that you can modify the chariot textures. The chariot is already set for the Poser horse figures.

Apache Attack Helicopter Prop

The 3D Apache Helicopter Poser / DAZ Studio prop has many movements and morphs. The joystick moves, the windows open, the rotors turn and the front sensors and machine gun turn. Includes textures with BUMP maps. Perfect for any war or conflict scene.


Can be used parked as shown or in the floating position

Avro Lancaster WW2 Bomber

Fully poseable

Bicycle Built for Two Model

The 3D Poser and DAZ Studio bicycle built for two has working steering, the wheels spin, the sprockets and foot pedals spin (separately of each other) and the seats can be raised and lowered. Perfect for any 3D outdoor scene or render.

Big Wheel Toy Model Poser Format

The 3D big wheel toy model for Poser / DAZ and other 3D Poser figures Poser 3D model format. It is already scaled for the Poser Ben child figure.

The foot pedals are parented to the front wheel and have movements to turn them on the pedal shafts (works also when wheel is spun), the front wheel is parented to the handle bars and spins as well as turns when the handle bars are turned. The back wheels are parented to the frame and can be spun independently of each other. All movements are marked on the dials. The colors can be easily changed to suit your needs.

Bogie Box Cart

A Fully poseable box cart, bogie or soap box cart (Depending where you live) the wheels turn and steer and the rope has morphs for steering and length.