SuperStore Grocery Shelf Stock (Prop Set for Poser)

Enough unique product inventory to stock a supermarket! Each independently modeled prop item is bundled in groups to facilitate shelf stocking. The product props have custom designed, yet semi-familiar brand types. each quad poly modeled and panel uv mapping for easy customization and conversion. Shelf stock grocery inventory for supermarkets with many original product brands in many diverse food categories to stock a virtual supermarket. The included figure stock set will pre-load 987 inventory items on the SuperStore shelves with a single click. Check out the details and prop list below.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives
SKU: PWE2019090008

SuperStore Grocery Stock (Prop Set for Poser)

All the inventory for your supermarket or convenience store fully textures and poly smooth mesh (morph-able) and scale well. These are not just textured cubed and cylinders, however you are able to stack and bundle and using Poser’s grouping and poly reduction features it’s efficient to load thousands of these items in your own custom store scene.


  • 11 varieties of Cased Beet “BeerBox” items.

  • 26 varieties of Bread loaves

  • 20 varieties of Cereal products, 1 multipack

  • 10 varieties of Cheese products

  • 6 varieties of Snack Crisps

  • 6 varieties of Dog Food

  • 12 varieties of crated Fruit

  • 33 varieties of Meat products

  • 9 varieties of Pasta products

  • 20 varieties of Pizza

  • 5 varieties of Tea boxes

  • 4 varieties of Wine bottles, 1 multipack

Optional Add-On Prop Sets needed to complete the entire SuperStore Shopping Plaza:

  • SuperStore prop set for Poser
  • Shoppers Diner Cafe prop set for Poser
  • Beauty Salon prop set for Poser
  • Super Cuts Fuel Station prop set for Poser
  • Security Office & Parking Lot prop set for Poser
  • SuperStore Landscapin prop set for Poser
  • SuperStore Grocery Stock prop set for Poser
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