Bison - figure for Poser

A traditional IK rigged Bison figure compatible with Poser 6 up. Includes 8 poses and 4 animations, horn size and buffalo fur wooliness morphs. High definition materials and textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, and 2mb texture map material sets. Download 5MB. Product Details below
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives
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Bison figure for Poser

Merchant: PoserWorld

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This product's content was created by: Atreria 3D, and Dreamcutter exclusively for PoserWorld.

A traditional rigged Bison figure compatible with Poser 6 up. Includes 8 poses and 4 animations, horn size and fur coat thickness morphs, high definition materials and textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, and 2mb texture map material sets.

The American bison and the European bison are the largest surviving terrestrial animals in North America and Europe. They are similar in appearance to other bovines such as cattle and true buffalo. They are broad and muscular with shaggy coats of long hair. Adults grow up to 2 m (6 ft 7 in) in height and 3.35 m (11.0 ft) in length for American bison and up to 2.1 metres (6 ft 11 in) in height and 2.9 metres (9 ft 6 in) in length for European bison. American bison can weigh from around 400 to 1,270 kg (880 to 2,800 lb) and European bison can weigh from 800 to 1,000 kg (1,800 to 2,200 lb). European bison tend to be taller than American bison. Bison are nomadic grazers and travel in herds. The bulls leave the herds of females at two or three years of age, and join a herd of males, which are generally smaller than female herds. Mature bulls rarely travel alone.   Source Wikipedia.


Fully Poser rigged and animatable, conforms to standard Poser figure rigging conventions and the figure accepts most poser biped conforming clothes and poses.

Head, Eyes, Neck, Chest, Collar, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands, Abdomen, Hip, Thigh, Shin, Foot, Tail, arms and legs are parametrically rigged. Mouth does not open.

Horn Size morph

Wooly Bully fur morph

Waistline Smoothing morph for reducing definition of fur cape ridge on back.

Poses: Default, Walk, Bedding, Graze, Jumping, Nervous, Rearing, Cow Milking and Calf Nursing


Alert (100 frame cycle), Grazing (200 frames cycle), Idle (200 frame cycle), Walking (34 frame cycle)


Extract the files into the specified folders:

Put the obj files into Runtime\Geometries\PoserWorld\

Put the cm2/ png (camera files) into Runtime\Libraries\camera\PoserWorld\

Put the cr2/ png (figure files) into Runtime\Libraries\Character\PoserWorld\

Put the hr2/ png (hair files) into Runtime\Libraries\hair\PoserWorld\

Put the pz2/ png (pose files) into Runtime\Libraries\Pose\PoserWorld\

Put the pp2/ png (prop files) into Runtime\Libraries\Props\PoserWorld\

Put the jpg files (textures) into the specified folder beneath Runtime\Textures\PoserWorld\

Using the figure:

1) Start Poser.

2) Go to the PoserWorld\Bison Library.

3) Add the PoserWorld Bison  to your scene.

4) Optional: Add your favorite characters and pose them to suit the needs of your scene.

Optional Instructions:

This figure is fully possible and includes animations and poses.  Like all PoserWorld Animals, the Bison figure is rigged in a manner that it will accept many basic human poses and conforming clothes from other Poser traditionally rigged figures. The Burro Pedro figure includes master controls to help mouth animation by animating lips through the range of wth mouth bends.  High definition materials and textures default at 4000x4000 and material sets for 1mb, and 2mb texture maps are also included.  If figure crashes the scene at load, load in scene with wireframe and change texture set to lower resolution.

Bison figure for Poser files and intsallation path:

PoserWorld_Bison_Figure_ for_Poser_FileList.txt

PoserWorld_Bison_Figure_ for_Poser_readme.txt


Bison 1mb Set.mc6

Bison 1mb Set.png

Bison 2mb Set.mc6

Bison 2mb Set.png


Bison Alert 100 frames.png

Bison Alert 100 frames.pz2

Bison Alert 100 frames.xmp

Bison Attack 70 frames.png

Bison Attack 70 frames.pz2

Bison Attack 70 frames.xmp

Bison Bedding.png

Bison Bedding.pz2

Bison Bedding.xmp

Bison Default.png

Bison Default.pz2

Bison Default.xmp


Bison Eyes.mt5

Bison Eyes.png

Bison Eyes.xmp


Bison Graze.png

Bison Graze.pz2

Bison Graze.xmp


Bison Head.mt5

Bison Head.png

Bison Head.xmp

Bison Hoofs.mt5

Bison Hoofs.png

Bison Hoofs.xmp

Bison Horns (natural).mt5

Bison Horns (natural).png

Bison Horns (natural).xmp

Bison Horns.mt5

Bison Horns.png

Bison Horns.xmp


Bison Idle 200 frames.png

Bison Idle 200 frames.pz2

Bison Idle 200 frames.xmp

Bison Jumping.png

Bison Jumping.pz2

Bison Jumping.xmp

Bison Milking.png

Bison Milking.pz2

Bison Milking.xmp

Bison Nervous.png

Bison Nervous.pz2

Bison Nervous.xmp

Bison Nursing.png

Bison Nursing.pz2

Bison Nursing.xmp

Bison Rearing.png

Bison Rearing.pz2

Bison Rearing.xmp


Bison Set.mc6

Bison Set.png

Bison Set.xmp


Bison Walk 34 frames.png

Bison Walk 34 frames.pz2

Bison Walk 34 frames.xmp

Bison Walk.png

Bison Walk.pz2

Bison Walk.xmp



































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