SuperCuts Fuel Station(Prop Set for Poser)

Your neighborhood discount fuel station is fully lighted scene with quick-mart and 8 pumps modeled. There are coolers textured along the back wall of the quick mart, and floor to ceiling windows face the self-serve fuel pumps.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperCuts Fuel Station(Prop Set for Poser), PoserWorld Exclusive brand product.

This is a one piece set for easy staging and includes a fuel station with 8 pumps, advertising, wastebasket and convenience store.  Material shaders optimized for SuperFly and Firefly and IDL rendering. The store is empty other than illuminated beverage cooler textured on the back wall. The station is part of the SuperStore Shopper Plaza prop sets (sold seperately or as a bundle) so the matching service counters and checkout props from the SuperStore work well in the convenience store. 
Advertising and brands are unique and originally concieved. This product is licensed for 2D and 3D Game/Media publishing in when protected accordance to the licence terms.

SuperCuts Fuel Station(Prop Set for Poser) - QrCodeImage