SuperStore Shopping Plaza - complete shopping center construction kit & scene for Poser

SuperStore Shopping Center bundle for Poser (Includes Optional Add-On Sets, referenced below.) A PoserWorld exclusive. The SuperStore a fully customizable, modular complete shopping center construction set. The included SuperStore, a fully stocked multi-department supermarket loaded with Grocery Stock inventory (256 individually modeled items), Shopper’s Diner cafe restaurant, Beauty Salon, Super-Cuts Fuel Station, Landscaping and a lighted Parking Lot and shopper’s safety Security Office building. The complete SuperStore Shopping Center Set for Poser includes 8 striking scene sets, combined is 1320 prop instances,30 Camera and 102 Poser Poser Light presets. Material shaders are optimized for Superflyand Firefly, enable Indirect Lighting for dramatic lighting effect. Check out the details and prop list below.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives
SKU: 5658D80E

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Modeled by Arteria3D and Dream Cutter exclusivly for PoserWorld

User license of of product includes rendering 2d images and protected 3d media publishing (game) publishing.  Full license terms in product readme.

Download Filesize: 1.8GB

SuperStore Shopping Center (Figure & Prop Set Bundle for Poser)

A PoserWorld exclusive. The SuperStore a fully customizable, modular complete shopping center construction set.  The included SuperStore scene includes a fully stocked, fully lighted multi-department Supermarket, Shopper’s Diner cafe restaurant, Hair Salon, Super Cuts Fuel automobile gas station, landscaping and a lighted parking lot shopper’s safety Security Office shack.  Materials are Superfly shader and Firefly shader optimized materials. Enable Indirect Lighting for best Firefly results. Director Lights and Camera presets are included in Set figures to help get you rendering. 16gb minimum ram and 2gb video memory recommended to load all scene elements, however individual modules will perform fine with 4gb memory 1gb video memory.

SuperStore Shopping Center (Figure & Prop Set Bundle for Poser) Bundle of 8 modular scene sets, including: Cost Busters SuperStore, ShoppersDiner Cafe, Beauty Salon, SuperCuts Fuel Station, Security Office, Parking Lot, Landscaping and the discrete props needed to expand this scene or custom design your own shopping plaza layout.  The fully loaded scene includes 7 figures, 1616 body parts, 153 lights.105 cameras. 1616 geometries. 380 image-maps. and 380 bump-maps.

SuperStore (Prop Set for Poser) is a fully modeled prop, a multi-material structure with plenty of space for customizing the store interior with add-on set modules or loading and positioning the included prop selections such as wall and divider panels, floor tiles, counters, appliances and stocking fixtures to stage the store of your dreams.  The included scene for the SuperStore SuperMarket includes a checkout area, 6 shelved stock asiles plus refrigerator and freezer wall units and Fish, Meat, Bakery, Produce, Pizza delicatessen department service counters.  

The scene is fully and realistically fixture lighted, so be sure to render with IDL enabled. Camera’s are pre-created and positioned so you can conveniently shoot all sub- scenes of the set from any perspective.  Discrete Super Store Props Include:

  • Security Alarm Bell

  • Divider Fence

  • Department Displays:

    • Signage for Butcher, Bakery, Pizza, Salad Bar, Fruit (4) and Fish

    • Bread Crate, Bread Display, Bread Display Stand

    • Fruit Crate & Stand

    • Fish Counter

    • Pizza Counter

    • Salad Bar Counter

    • Service Counter Scale

    • Inset Counter Posts & Walls (7 Types)

    • Service Counter

  • Self Checkout & Bagging Area

  • Stock Shelving

  • Freezer/Cooler (3 types)

  • Shopping Carts (Trolly)

  • Strip Lights (Fluorescent material “ON” means enable IDL in render to light)

  • SuperStore Asile Indoor Poser Light presets

  • “SuperStore Set” figure includes approx 400 parented props & lights and cameras

Shoppers Diner Cafe (Prop Set for Poser), a complete, fully fixture lit fast food restaurant set with dining room, service counter and fry kitchen. The dining area includes staged furniture props, each chair and table (two types) has customizable material zones. The kitchen area includes a griddle, double deep fry stations. The griddle includes grease hood, flipper and bun warming drawer that is opened/closed by morph. The fryer includes a morph that raises and hangs the fry basket from the hot oil. There is a seperate Cafe sign for when used in the greater SuperStore Shopping Center Scene.


Beauty Salon (Prop Set for Poser)

Stylistic materials make this Salon a beauty, and one-piece prop design, indirect lit scene with fixture lighting and multiple perspective cameras  make it simple to realistically stage and render. There is a waiting lounge area, 4 stylist stations, hair and cosmetic displays, and service counter.


Super Cuts Fuel Station (Prop Set for Poser)

Your neighborhood discount fuel station is fully lighted scene with quick-mart and 8 pumps modeled.  There are coolers textured along the back wall of the quick mart, and floor to ceiling windows face the self-serve fuel pumps.  “FuelStation Set” figure include parented props & lights and cameras


Security Office & Parking Lot Set (Prop Set for Poser)

A security office and lined rectangular parking lot with square concrete pad in center for structure or park feature. The Security & Parking Lot Set scene set include:

  • Parking Lot with separate material zones for lines, structure pad and pavement.

  • Security Shack with Security Office Interior

  • Morphing security desk (customizable style & layout)

  • Morphing chair (customizable basic chair style)

  • CCTV monitor

  • Security Camera

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Automatic Drip Coffee Machine

  • Microwave Oven

  • Handcuffs

  • Single light lamp post

  • Double light lamp post

  • Wall mounted lamp

  • Ceiling hung lamp

  • “SecurityOffice Set” figure include parented props & lights and cameras


SuperStore Landscaping (Prop Set for Poser)

Glorious display of tropical foliage and flower beds.  Included in the SuperStore Landscaping pack are 2 prestaged tropical foliage beds featuring palms, flowers and river bed stones.  

The pack includes:

  •  5 types of colorful flowers similar to bromeliad, orchid, lilly, stargazer and marigold

  • 4 palm types similar to palmetto, spanish dagger, wind swept queen, and king palms

  • 2 additional greenery plants, ornamental grass and sago

  • (2) premade foliage display beds

  • Empty flower bed (just stones)

  • “SuperStore Set” figure includes 0ver 300 parented props.


SuperStore Grocery Stock (Prop Set for Poser)

All the inventory for your supermarket or convenience store fully textures and poly smooth mesh (morph-able) and scale well. These are not just textured cubed and cylinders, however you are able to stack and bundle and using Poser’s grouping and poly reduction features it’s efficient to load thousands of these items in your own custom store scene. 


  • 11 varieties of Cased Beet “BeerBox” items.

  • 26 varieties of Bread loaves

  • 20 varieties of Cereal products, 1 multipack

  • 10 varieties of Cheese products

  • 6 varieties of Snack Crisps

  • 6 varieties of Dog Food

  • 12 varieties of crated Fruit

  • 33 varieties of Meat products

  • 9 varieties of Pasta products

  • 20 varieties of Pizza

  • 5 varieties of Tea boxes

  • 4 varieties of Wine bottles, 1 multipack

  • “GroceryStock Set” figure include 968 parented props

 PoserWorld "SuperStore ShoppingPlaza" Runtime Install, Orientation & Demo Render

SuperStore Specific Instructions:

The included product software file contents and default extraction and recommended Poser runtime path are listed in the text file “PoserWorld_SuperStoreShoppingPlaza_FileList.txt”. 

Extractthe dowloaded product .zip file retaining the default runtime folder structure which follows these ied folders: 

Put the obj files into Runtime\Geometries\PoserWorld\\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Put the cm2/ png (camera files) into Runtime\Libraries\camera\PoserWorld\\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Put the cr2/ png (figure files) into Runtime\Libraries\Character\PoserWorld\\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Put the lt2/  (light set files) into Runtime\Libraries\LightsPoserWorld\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Put the pz2/ png (pose files) into Runtime\Libraries\Pose\PoserWorld\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Put the pp2/ png (prop files) into Runtime\Libraries\Props\PoserWorld\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Put the jpg files (textures) into the specified folder beneath Runtime\Textures\[PoserWorld\SuperStore Shopping Plaza

Load & Use:

1) Start Poser.

2) Set display mode to Wireframe (recommended when loading SuperStore, GroceryShelfStock, and Landscape Figure Sets combined)

2) Go to the PoserWorld\SuperStore Shopping Plaza in the runtrimes  Library\Props folder

3) Add the desired prop element  to your scene.

4) Optional: Add your favorite characters and pose them to suit the needs of your scene.


IMPORTANT Use and Loading Tips:

SuperStore Shopping Plaza figures are large multi-prop scene sets,  it is recommended to SET DISPLAY TO WIREFRAME before loading multiple figures.  Also, either delete, make invisible or expand the poser ground prop. Scale Poser ground skydome by 400% to encompass the entire scene.  A 16GB windows system will be able to load all 8 modules, several clothed Poser figures and render in superfly, however for best performance it is recommended to stage the scene in wireframe (or ant non texture shader display mode) and disable any lights and sets out of camera view especially when rendering in FireFly with indirect lighting enabled. Figures include lighted fixtures, however you may want to add extra ambient infinite light as needed to set the mood, or adjust gamma to bring out occluded detail.  There is an indoor light set with extra ambient included to make this easy.  Camera with "yonder" parameter set to 1,200 will shoot the length of the parkinglot.

With optional Shelf Stock & LandScape packs installed, the SuperStore product set includes a pre-built, fully stocked and landscaped store in the root prop directories and scene building and design elements in the subdirectories.  The SuperStore scene included is entirely built from the various included prop elements.


The set is thoroughly  Firefly and Superfly optimized, and many material elements have independently optimized root nodes for each material. All objects are exportable and UV mapped with even spaced quad topology. . Alternate texture maps for most procedural shaders can be found in the products texture directory. 

When rendering Firefly consider enabling Indirect Lighting (IDL) within the manual render settings to take advantage of the included ambient lighting effects in light fixture bulb materials.


The optional SuperStore Office Security pack includes two props that are easily morphable.  The Security Office Chair, Security Office Desk each include several morph dials from the Prop Master Control parameter panel that enables the scene designer to create a very wide variety of chair and desk designs.



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