Shoppers Diner Cafe (Prop Set for Poser)

Shoppers Diner Cafe (Prop Set for Poser), a complete, fully fixture lit fast food restaurant set with dining room, service counter and fry kitchen. A detailed 3d restaurant scene featuring Shopper's Diner Cafe, a module and independent prop set for Poser 3d graphics software. The prop set includes 2 types of diner tables and chair furniture, fast food fry kitchen equipment including, fry grill range with flipper and bun warmer, prepared foods cooler and deep fryers. Lighting and camera parented to scene figure that loads aligned with the Superstore Shopping Plaza scene bundle modules. The dining area includes staged furniture props, each chair and table (two types) has customization material zones. The kitchen area includes a griddle, double deep fry stations. The griddle includes grease hood, flipper and bun warming drawer that is opened/closed by morph. The fryer includes a morph that raises and hangs the fry basket from the hot oil. There is a separate Cafe sign for when used in the greater SuperStore Shopping Center Scene.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Exclusives
SKU: PWE2019090004

Shoppers Diner Cafe (Prop Set for Poser)

The Shoppers Diner Cafe set is part of the SuperStore Shopper Plaza prop sets (sold seperately or as a bundle) and so the prop will load to orient within the SuperStore Shopping Plaza.  If you prefer to use this prop set independantly, load the prop and then use the props x and y trans and y rotation to 0,0 and 0 degrees and then save to your prop library under a separate name.

Advertising and brands are unique and originally concieved. This product is licensed for 2D and 3D Game/Media publishing in when protected accordance to the licence terms.

The Shoppers Diner Cafe incudes:

  • Fully staged fast food restaurant with service counter and ready-food cooler

  • Restrauant furniture, 2 types of tables and dining chairs.

  • Fry Kitchen with commercial griddle, flippper and deep fryers and grease hood

  • Morphing chair (customizable basic chair style)

  • Ceiling hung lamps (enable IDL)

  • Poser Lights and Camera presets
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