Custom 3D Modeling Services

Have a need for a custom 3d model design. simulation or animated figure?

Poser World 3D development services accepts suggestions for product themes for new offerings store and this may be requested in the Poser World Forum, however if you have the need for a specific design or concept please submit a request for quote (RFQ) via email to

3D Design & Development Services Offered

Please consider which best meets the needs of your project and specify and specify service features, any deadlines, the product's copyright and if the product will licensing will be exclusivly granted and transferred to the client. Our competitive pricing quotes will be fixed price and factored on development cost and whether Poser World has the rights and interest to resell the product.

  • 3D Modeling and Design Services, choose either numbered service and define optional feature in the bullet list.
    1. Poser runtime, Daz Studio (runtime or .duf), and Vue (.von & vom) products
      • Prop
      • Figures (including Clothing & Hair)
      • Character Morphs
      • Materials & Textures
      • Poses & Animations
      • Game developer export & platform optimization Support
    2. Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling for hard products, mechanical and manufacturable designs including for printing and machining

      • STL Formats for design CNC manufacturing
        • Precision design measurements and tolerances for manufacturing
        • Toolpath GCODE
  • 3D Model rigging, animation, UV, material and texture baking (.fbx & .3ds)
  • 3D Mesh format conversions and optimizations such as DAE to FBX, OBJ to STL, FBX to .X.  Please specify UV texture layers, mesh desired level(s) of detail or polygon count.
  • 3D Printing mesh optimization, watertight. and error free for and 3d printing