About Poser World

Poser World 3D Content Marketplace

A joint venture by Dream Cutter LLC and VanishingPoint Inc, Poser World (PoserWorld.com) was acquired by in September 2019 Peter Martin (DreamCutter.com) and John Hoagland (VanishingPoint.biz) to continue the value and services of the Poser World to the Poser Artist and 3D graphic art community.

Pose World Legacy and Founding Partners:

Poser World began as a free Poser resource in early 1999, after a year of growth it was decided to convert Poser World into a subscription access website to offset the expensive bandwidth costs of the website. The Poser World subscription website was launched in May of 2000 and grew by leaps and bounds through around 2013.

Despite membership revenue losses Poser World managed to survive through 2016. As of May of 2016 Poser World is now an individual 3D model and content store. We believe ongoing that Poser World will again be a leader in the creation and sales of 3D content for Poser, DAZ Studio and other 3D formats.

Steve Shanks (clothing, models, props, characters and textures), and Allen Harkleroad (models, textures, photo scenes and site management) comprise the Poser World team.

Poser World is updated several times a week with new, unique and high quality Poser 5 through Poser Pro 2014 and DAZ Studio compatible content such as models, clothing textures, morphs, props and textures.

Allen Harkleroad

3D modeler and texture artist, order and customer support, and just about anything else that needs attention

Steve Shanks 

3D modeler and texture artist.