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Poser World 3D Content Marketplace

PoserWorld is brought to you by Dream Cutter LLC and VanishingPoint Inc. 

Dream Cutter 3D Contrent Developer

  PoserWorld.com is hosted by a joint venture with Dream Cutter LLC and VanishingPoint Inc.  Poser World (PoserWorld.com) was acquired by in September 2019 by Peter Martin (DreamCutter.com) and John Hoagland (VanishingPoint.biz) to grow and support communitty of Poser Software and DAZ 3d Studio Artists and Animators with affordable and high quality 3D content.

March 2024, PoserWorld store infrastructure has been upgraded to NopCommerce 4.6 by Execula LLC. 


Poser World Legacy History (2000- 2019) 

Poser World began as a free Poser resource in early 1999, after a year of growth it was decided to convert Poser World into a subscription access website to offset the expensive bandwidth costs of the website. The Poser World subscription website was launched in May of 2000 and grew by leaps and bounds in content depth and popularity through around 2013.  However problems soon arose with the club's lifetime subscription business model and before long things started to unravel for the partners and desperation set in.   Despite membership and revenue losses Poser World somehow managed to survive through 2016. As of May of 2016 Poser World terminated the club and became a discrete model and content store.  Lifetime members were justified to be outraged, and so the stores re-launch failure was predictable. The new owners appologize for any loss, drama and harassment that may have occured at the customer expense.  Please open a support ticket if your complaint has not been satisfied.

That's about when John and Pete stepped in.  We could not see the efforts of the wonderful content developers and loss to the Poser community if PoserWorld too went extinct ala Content Paradise. We firmly believe going forward that Poser World will again be a leader in the creation and sales of stock 3d content for Poser Software, DAZ 3#D Studio and generic 3D formats like FBX, DAE and OBJ. 

Poser World is updated several times a week with new, unique and high quality Poser 5 through Poser Pro 2014 and DAZ Studio compatible content such as models, clothing textures, morphs, props and textures.

Founding Partners (2000-2019)


 Allen Harkleroad

3D modeler and texture artist, order and customer support, web developer and administrator of the legacy PoserWorld club.


 Steve Shanks 

3D modeler and texture artist.  Developer of PoserWorld Legacy content clothing, models, props, characters and textures.