New Releases

Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

Fox Multi-Species (Figure for Poser)

A pair of matching traditional rigged Fox figures, one with Poser Hair growth fur and one without compatible with Poser 6 up that morph into 9 distinct species. Includes 6 poses and 4 animations and 9 species morph preset poses. 9 material sets with high resolution textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, 2mb and 4mb texture map sets. 12 Pose & Material character presets to morph the figure into 12 distinct species including: Cross Fox, Arctic Fox, Fennick Fox, Grey Fox, Kit Fox, Marble Fox, Red Fox (default), Silver Fox, and Swift Fox.

U.S.S Trigger (for Poser)

U.S.S Trigger is a faithfully replicated deisel powered WWII era US Navy submarine 3d model prop for Poser.

YF-35 Warthog ELINT Armor Set (Figure Add-On for Poser)

ELINT Armor is a YF-35 Warthog electronic intelligence upgrade to the science fiction airforce transforming aircraft giant robot mecha 3d figure for Poser.