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Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore - supermarket construction set for Poser

The SuperStore a fully customizable supermarket construction set with the exterior and interior modeled in contemporary design. All supermarket departments are featured with service counters, shelving, refrigerators and merchandising signs and checkout equipment. Camera and Poser Light presets are included. Material shaders are optimized for Superfly & Firefly renders, enable Indirect Lighting for realistic lighting effect. A 3d mega-mart multi-department supermarket scene and custom store construction set for Poser. The SuperStore figure loads oriented with the SuperStore Shopping Plaza set bundle modules and is detailed inside and out. All that is needed for the grand opening is inventory so checkout the matching scale Grocery Shelf Stock scene and prop bundle set for one click shelf stocking. Check out the details and prop list below.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Grocery Shelf Stock Set for Poser "SuperStore"

Enough unique product inventory to stock a supermarket! Each independently modeled prop item is bundled in groups to facilitate shelf stocking. The product props have custom designed, yet semi-familiar brand types. each quad poly modeled and panel uv mapping for easy customization and conversion. Shelf stock grocery inventory for supermarkets with many original product brands in many diverse food categories to stock a virtual supermarket. The included figure stock set will pre-load 987 inventory items on the SuperStore shelves with a single click. Check out the details and prop list below.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Landscaping Set for Poser

Glorious display of tropical foliage and flower beds. Included in the SuperStore Landscaping pack are 2 pre-staged tropical foliage beds featuring palms, flowers and river bed stones and the discrete foliage and props needed to customize your own commercial landscape beds. The ornate tropical flower & tree bed prop construction set is perfect for commercial lot and resort scenes, while the included ornamental landscaped bed figures that are situated to align with the SuperStore Shopping Plaza scene set modules.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Shopping Plaza - complete shopping center construction kit & scene for Poser

SuperStore Shopping Center bundle for Poser (Includes Optional Add-On Sets, referenced below.) A PoserWorld exclusive. The SuperStore a fully customizable, modular complete shopping center construction set. The included SuperStore, a fully stocked multi-department supermarket loaded with Grocery Stock inventory (256 individually modeled items), Shopper’s Diner cafe restaurant, Beauty Salon, Super-Cuts Fuel Station, Landscaping and a lighted Parking Lot and shopper’s safety Security Office building. The complete SuperStore Shopping Center Set for Poser includes 8 striking scene sets, combined is 1320 prop instances,30 Camera and 102 Poser Poser Light presets. Material shaders are optimized for Superflyand Firefly, enable Indirect Lighting for dramatic lighting effect. Check out the details and prop list below.

U.S.S Arizona Battleship- warship figure for Poser

The U.S.S Arizona (for Poser) is faithful replication of the memorable WWII US Navy Battleship sunk in Pearl Harbor HI on December 7 1941 modeled in 3d as a prop for Poser. Featuring over 70 moving parts, such as: guns, cranes, turrets, spotlights, and propellers and 3 smartprop Anchors and 2 smartprop float-planes!

U.S.S Trigger Gato Class Sub - US Navy submarine for Poser

U.S.S Trigger is a faithfully replicated deisel powered WWII era US Navy submarine 3d model prop for Poser and includes some 30 moving parts including fully functional torpedo tube doors. Anchors, Guns, Cranes, Turrets and even the Spotlights and Propellers are pose able in this model!

U.S.S Vestal Tender - US Navy warship for Poser

A detailed replication of the reliable USS Vestal, a 3d modeled WWI Coaler and WWII Tender refueling ship for the US Navy for Poser. Features over 30 moving parts, such as: guns, cranes, turrets, spotlights, and propellers and 3 smart-propped versions of the anchors.

Wolf Pack Multi-Species - animated canine figure for Poser

A traditional rigged morphing Wolf figures and with optional Poser Hair growth fur compatible with Poser 6 up that morph into 12 wolf species. Includes 6 animations and 12 additional species morph preset poses so you can make each instance of the Wolf Pack character in the scene distinct. 13 material sets with high resolution textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, 2mb and 4mb texture map sets. This quad poly high resolution (229K polys) rigged 3d figure features the recognizable canis lupus body with morphs to adjust ear length, snout size, eye brows & blink, body mass, belly and tail thickness. 12 Pose & corresponding species Material presets to morph into 12 additional distinct species including: Arabian Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Eastern Wolf, Eurasian Wolf, Grey Wolf(default), Iberian Wolf, Indian Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Northwestern Wolf, Persian Wolf, Red Wolf, Tibetan Wolf, and the Timber Wolf. The materials are complex blend of pelt UV texture maps with alpha patterns so you can create hundreds of texture combinations. The wolf figure is modeled on highly versatile mesh and (poser traditional biped grouping) rig and will easily adapt to most dog and human poses and and the included animations are BVH exportable so combined with the broad use license this presents a lot of pipeline value.

YF-35 Warthog ETO Booster Set - add-on for Poser YF-35 Warthog

YF-35 Warthog ETO Booster Set is an atmospheric lanch booster pack to the YF-35 Warthog science fiction airforce transforming aircraft giant robot mecha 3d figure for Poser.

YF-35 Warthog LEO Armor Set - add-on for Poser YF-35 Warthog mecha transforming robot figure

Introducing the LEO Armor weapons pack upgrade for the YF-35 Warthog, a science fiction airforce transforming aircraft giant robot mecha 3d figure (for Poser) This is an UPGRADE pack to the YF-35 Warthog .

YF-35 Warthog VGF - mecha transforming robot figure for Poser

YF-35 Warthog VGF is a science fiction airforce transforming aircraft giant robot mecha 3d figure for Poser. Includes over 75 posable joints and over 250 independant ERC controls to facilitate animation and pose adjustments! Details below: