E-On Vue being offered Free by Bently Software

E-On Vue being offered Free by Bently Software

E-On Vue Software is the premiere environmental rendering system. With Vue you can create worlds, and the rendering scene can be massive, capable of rendered scenes with 100M+ polys on high ram, multi CPU systems.  Versions of Vue being unshackled include owners of stand alone packages Vue Esprit, Vue Infinite, Vue xStream and the current Bently released Vue that was a subscription based service.  The software is incredibly versitle and one of the most intuitive AI complete node based, procedural material systems.  The software is phenominal and frankly, I am stunned that Bently has abandoned marketing this torwards artists and media creators.The upside is that Bently is being generous and offering the application for free use.  I do hope they open the source for community development or the PY API so that pipeline integration may continue.

Bently Software has offered E-On Vue and Plant Factory free for download and use at https://www.bentley.com/software/e-on-software-free-downloads/

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