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Now that E-On Vue is free, we make it easier to create your worlds

E-On Software and Plant Factor is the premire outdoor atmospheric 3d rendering system, and it's Vue xStream and Vue Infinite versions was developed for professional movie studios and animation producers however there were affordable artist versions that started as Vue d'Esprit were epandable to Vue Complete through modular upgrades. It was an innovative approach that addressed the needs of industry and hobbiests alike.
Back in E-On Software's heyday the when the environmental 3d rendering software Vue d'Esprit was introduced to Artist's they application was integrated with the magnificant Cornucopia 3D content store, so now that Vue is free, we thought we would recreate the inspiration and affordably re-introduce our Vue creations from the past with this new Vue Content section.  We have many Vue items decomissioned since C3D closed, and decided to start with aircraft models since Vue includes many interesting Atmosphere and Terrain options with the application.

Who rembers Cornucopia 3d?  Share your experience and memories in our Vue forum room.


Did you know E-On Vue can import Poser Software v11 scenes (PZ3) and earlier scenes and also import/exports FBX,  Collada and ABS 3d forpats.

Its now freely available:

PoserWorld Action + Sale
New Items Added and Continuing through July 15

We continue the popular Summer Action Sale by adding news items including
- (New Section) E-On Vue content, aircraft models
- Standalone Figures and Characters for Poser (85+)

What's Moving, Sailing and the shelves? its our Action Summer Sale!
This season we introduced a number of aircraft, spacecraft and ships and M4 Gear and Weapons plus Characters and Vue content are all on sale.

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New at PoserWorld

X-SEED 4000

The tallest building ever architected at 4 kilometers!

Prop for Poser (and DS runtime).  The X-Seed 4000 is the tallest building ever fully envisioned. Its proposed 4km (2.5 mi) height, 6km (3.7 mi) wide sea-base, and 800-floor capacity could accommodate 500,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants.

This structure would be composed of over 3,000,000 tons of reinforced steel. It was designed for Tokyo, Japan by the Taisei Corporation in 1995 as a futuristic environment combining ultra-modern living and interaction with nature. Methods of transportation within the X-seed would most likely include MagLev trains.

Poser prop (obj, pp2/ png) with with approx 100,028 polygons.and high detail colorized using texture and bump maps, at 2048x2048 pixels.
Fun Fact, our Render above was featured on Ask Joe!

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Waldorf Astoria
Grand Hotel

The Waldorf Astoria New York is a luxury hotel in Manhattan, New York City. The hotel has been housed in two historic landmark buildings in New York. The first, bearing the same name, was built in two stages, which accounts for its dual name.

The original hotel, situated on Astor properties along Fifth Avenue, was completed in 1893 and designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh. It was demolished in 1929 to make way for the construction of the Empire State Building. The present building, at 301 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, is a 47-story 190.5 m (625 ft) Art Deco landmark designed by architects Schultze and Weaver, which was completed in 1931. The current hotel was the world`s tallest hotel from 1931 until 1963, when it was surpassed by Moscow`s Hotel Ukraina by 7 metres (23 ft). An icon of glamour and luxury, the current Waldorf Astoria is one of the world`s most prestigious and best known hotels. This digital model is based on the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Poser prop (obj, pp2/ png), with 112,978 polygons.
There are no moving parts. Includes a full set of texture maps, most of which are 208x2048 in size. 


M4 Beard Free, no purchase required
$0.00 (Free, for registered customers)

A beard and mustache conforming figure for DAZ3D Michael 4 (M4) in Poser Runtime and DAZ Studio DIM installation formats with 8 beard and 15 mustache types presets and in 6 material hair colors. High resoloution textures and exportable, morphable quad poly mesh hair (not fiber hair) optimized for 3d media and game use. 135mb download. Packaged as DAZ DIM zip file auto installation however manually extracted the Poser Runtime in content/runtime folder. Refer to Full Description below for all features and installation methods.


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