Bombardier CDJ-705 aircraft object for Vue

This product is a native Aircraft object for Vue in .vob format. TThe Bombardier CDJ-705 aircraft, also known as the CRJ700 Series 705 LR, was developed to cater to the needs of regional airlines with specific operational requirements. Its purpose was to provide an aircraft that could accommodate a business class and a reduced maximum seating capacity, allowing it to operate under certain regional airline contracts that limit the number of passengers. The Series 705 seats 75 passengers and was introduced to meet the specific needs of these airlines. Landing gear not modeles (retracted, in flight). The CRJ700 Series 705 LR aircraft's sleek design has many advanced features to shuttle business execs in style. With a maximum take-off weight of 84,500 pounds (38,330 kg), a range capability of over 2,200 miles (3,500 km), and a cruising speed of 547 mph (880 km/h), it's a powerful and efficient aircraft. The Series 705 LR is powered by two General Electric CF34-8C5 turbofan engines, ensuring it can handle various regional routes with ease. The Bombardier CRJ700 Series 705 LR aircraft has been a significant addition to the fleet of Air Canada Jazz, which was the launch customer for this aircraft in 2005. With 10 executive (business) class and 65 economy seats, it has provided a comfortable and efficient transportation option for passengers. Air Canada Jazz operates 16 Series 705 aircraft, showcasing the success and reliability of this regional airliner. Mesh by Digimation, optimized for Vue by Dream Cutter LLC for Vanishing Point Inc., May 2015.
Manufacturer: PW Collaborations
SKU: VPDC01001813

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The Bombardier CRJ700, CRJ900, and CRJ1000 are regional airliners based on the Bombardier CRJ200. The CRJ700 is a stretched 70-seat derivative of the CRJ200. Seating ranges from 66 to 78 for the CRJ700 versions, however. The CRJ700 features a new wing with leading edge slats and a stretched and slightly widened fuselage, with a lowered floor.
The aircraft`s maximum speed is Mach 0.85 (895 km/hr, 556 mi/hr) at a maximum altitude of 12,500 m (41,000 ft). Depending upon payload, the CRJ700 can travel up to 3,620 km (2,250 mi) with original engines, and a new variant with CF34-8C5 engines will be able to travel up to 4,660 km (2,900 mi).

This is a digital model of a Bombardier CRJ-705 with a plain white texture.

.: Product Features (Vue Esprit VOB) :.

- Low-poly, game-ready model, with approx 2,276 polygons.
- Includes left and right fans as separate groups, which you can animate.
- Does not include any landing gear.
- This version includes an mtl file, which your software program should read to colorize the model.
- The model is UV mapped and one texture (1024x1024 pixels, jpg format) is included.
Note: the texture is a plain white design: you can use this as a generic aircraft or use it as a starting point to make your own design.

This model is exportable and fully licensed for use in games and apps.
Also works great as background scene-filler.

Other formats available at  Mesh by Digimation, optimized for Vue by Dream Cutter LLC for Vanishing Point Inc., May 2015.

Usage License:
You are completely free to use this figure in any commercial or non-commercial render, image, or animation.
You may NOT sell or give away any files found in this zip package without express permission.
You are free to redistribute your own textures as you wish, provided they do not use any images found in this zip file. 
You are free to use this model in your game or app, provided the end user can not extract the 3d model