Zoot suit

Zoot Suit for Michael 4 (M4)
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 14652f0c

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Zoot Suit for Michael 4 (M4) . 

Default install location Runtime\libraries\character\PW Mike

PoserWorld Legacy ZOOT SUIT file readme. 

If your new to Poser and its file placing check out the file guide here www.poserworld.com/fileguide.asp

The bottom of the jacket will poke through the legs of the trousers with this set, but if you select the buttocks on the jacket and use either the bend or side by side dials you can bring them out of the pants, might come in handy to give a flared look too, i will add morphs to this set at a later date...I have included the pin stripe texture with this set even though it is lacking, especially when the arms are down but there may be situations where it can be used..Steve


__________________________________________File placements quick guide.

Textures---Zoot suit
File placements in detail.

All objs go in this directory

All TEXTURES go in this directory
Poser4/Runtime/Textures/PW Texture files/Zoot suit

All CR2's go in this directory
Poser4/Runtime/libraries/character/any folder here

All PP2's go in this directory
Poser4/Runtime/libraries/props/any folder here


All PZ2 files go in this directory
Poser4/Runtime/libraries/Pose/any folder here

MORPHS (MT) .. select the body part they are intended for, go menu properties, in the popup dialogue box browse to select the moprh target wherever you have it saved on your HD. Assign a short name to it where 'shape 1" appears, click OK. A new dial should appear top up of your list in that body part.

BUMP MAPS...Bump maps are not applied because of differences between Poser 4, Pro pack and Poser 5, just apply bumps to matching material names

These files are Royalty free and can be used in any image (comercial or otherwise) or animation without credit or links, but do not repost any of the  textures, models or Poser files without making sure NON members cannot access them, if your not sure just mail Steve  or treat as the files that came with Poser.......most of all have fun with them.

Textures by Vikki Dawson
Models  by Steve Shanks