Abby Ruins Monastry object for Vue

Abby Ruins Monastry object for Vue (.vob), 271,626 polygons. Includes conforming surrounding surrounding terrain that conforms to elevations of the ruins that is its own properties and materials. 92mb Download
Manufacturer: VP-Arteria
SKU: VPDC01001817

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Abbey In Ruins: Monastery, for Poser 5 and above
from Vanishing Point 3D Modeling Solutions

271,626 polygons

Extract the files into your Vue object library, as example:
Put the vob files into \Users\Public\Documents\e-on software\Vue\Objects\VP\Arteria3D\AbbeyRuins
Put the vom files into \Users\Public\Documents\e-on software\Vue\Materials\VP\Arteria3D

Using the figure:
1) Start Vue.
2) Load object from the Vue object library browser by browsing to the folders above.
3) Move into position, or Drop into place. Object will load at 0,0,0 and at the scale 1. 

No additional scaling necessary for use with standard Vue figures and props. The included terrain accomidates the Abby's lower stairs wicvh may be blocked by a flat ground plane.

All of the walls can be hidden or shown, though they can't be moved.
To hide a wall:
1) Click on it (don't worry- you can't move it out of position)
2) Go to the Parameter Dials palette.
3) Click on the Properties tab.
4) Uncheck the option for Visible.
Or open the Hierarchy Editor and click on the "eye" icon to hide or show a wall.

The texture maps are shared with the Abbey In Ruins Construction Kit.
If you already have this product, you may get warnings when you unzip the files about duplicate files: you can choose to over-write or "do not extract".

Usage License:
You are completely free to use this figure in any commercial or non-commercial render, image, or animation.
You are free to use the enclosed template files to make your own textures. You are free to redistribute your own textures as you wish, provided they do not use any images found in this zip file. 
You may NOT sell or give away any files found in this zip package without express permission.

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