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What are the License & Use Terms of PoserWorld 3D products?

All of the 3D models and assets available on Poser World 3D include a royalty free license for commercial (and personal) use, however specific use terms may change by product manufacture.

Our PoserWorld Legacy and PoserWorld Exclusive manufacture have expanded license terms to allow for realtime rendered 3d published media, virtual projects and video games.  The expanded license permits royality free commercial and non-commercial use of our 3d assets in video games where the original source (mesh and textures) are protected by either encryption, obfuscation, lossy compression,copyright watermark, decimation or resolution reduction by 50% or more.

Please create a support ticket and refrence the product in question in the Create Support Ticket form if you have any questions or special use case requests.


(Included in each product download zip file readme.txt file)

By installing this product archive and using this product, you or your corporation affiliation (the license purchaser and product user) and PoserWorld.com, the owners and operators of PoserWorld.com and the publishing artist (copyright holder)  agree to be bound to the following licensing terms and use agreement. Any publishing artist license terms included with this product archive are to be considered an addendum and incorporate these terms however any product usage restrictions and limitations will supercede our standard licence terms outlined below.  PoserWorld.com current owners and store management operators are identified at web url: https://poserworld.com/about-us.

1. The Images and Binary Files in this archive are copyrighted. All rights are owned by the publishing artists and/or PoserWorld.com owners. Reference included publishing artist license terms to identify copyright holder. If publishing artist or any other copyright holder is identified in any license terms addendum will be considered Poserworld.com and its owners.  All legacy PoserWorld product licenses with copyrights referencing “GMP Services Inc”, now are held by PoserWorld.com and its owners.  All rights not specifically granted to you by this Agreement are reserved. Your right to use an Image or Binary File is subject to the restrictions set forth in this Agreement and your compliance with the terms of this End-User License Agreement.

2. Rendering images from this product.  Poserworld.com and it’s owners grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to use and reproduce Images, Binary Files for royalty-free commercial use in derivative works (i.e.: motion video media, print media, static image media (jpeg, bmp, etc.) and animated graphics media (gif, flash, etc.).

2.1 PoserWorld now encourages 3D Media and real-time App and WebGL rendering providing these limited use terms are adhered.

PoserWorld.com and its copyright holders agrees to allow royalty-free limited use and to distribute the licensed binary files when they are incorporated in larger bodies of the licensed user’s creative works and published using software application packaging, presentation and distribution of the binary files that provides adequate protection to the binaries and with credit to PoserWorld.com or the product’s copyright holder viewable to the end consumer with each distributed instance. Reference section  4.1 for examples of what we consider adequate means of protecting distributed binary files and other product assets.

3. "Non-transferable", as used in Section 2, means that except as provided in Section 2, you may not sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer to anyone an Image or Binary File, or the right to use an Image or Binary File, and nothing you produce shall grant or purport to grant to any third party rights to use or duplicate an Image or Binary File. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from duplicating or distributing the Images, Binary Files, textures, materials and other product assets in included in our archive files.

4. Except as provided in Section 2 and 3.1, you may not reproduce an Image or Binary File on any device, including without limitation any computer network, Intranet, or the Internet.

4.1 Revokable exception for transferring media for real-time 3d rendering and virtual publications. We don’t want to make this tough on the developer so we accept most reasonable measures to protect our copyright and avoid theft and piracy.  PoserWorld.com considers adequate protection to the product binaries and copyright to include encryption, extraction obfuscation, or using 50% detail reduction (runtime resolution) of the binary files of the product including watermark, lossy compression of images and decimated mesh density.   Please contact us if you have questions on acceptable protection or if are unable to credit PoserWorld.com by URL in each distribution and application use of all 3d published media to discuss alternative solutions. PoserWorld.com retains the right to monitor this section of license grant for abuse and revoke at our discretion.

5. Defamatory, and unlawful use of an Image or Binary File is prohibited.

6. You agree to indemnify and hold PoserWorld.com or its owners. harmless against any damages or liability of any kind arising from any use of an Image or Binary File other than the uses specifically permitted by this Agreement.

7. Neither PoserWorld.com, its owners, nor any of its directors, officers, employees, partners, licensors, or agents shall be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, arising out of the use of, or the inability to use an Image, Binary File or archive file.

8. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, notwithstanding its conflict of laws rules. Venue for any action respecting this Agreement, an Image or Binary File, or use or attempted use of an Image or Binary File, shall be in the state and federal courts sitting in or for San Diego County, California and/or the Southern District of California and you hereby consent to the jurisdiction of such courts.

The term of this Agreement is indefinite. This Agreement and the rights granted to you hereunder will terminate automatically if you fail to comply with the limitations described in this license. No notice will be required from PoserWorld.com or its owners to effectuate such termination. Upon termination, you must destroy all copies of the Images, Binary Files and archive files.


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I am a lifetime PoserWorld Club Member, can I still access the downloads?

Yes.  The PoserWorld member download site is restored at 3dfig.com. Create a Support Ticket if you have trouble logging in. We are working to update the club site before opening up for new membership.  Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers work best with this site,  Soon we will be migrating the download items to the new store, and grant members a better method to access the product downloads.  Original membership terms will be honored.  Any  lifetime member who has  had privalages revoked under the prior administration please create a support ticket and we will get you fixed up.

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