Mega Size Farm Scene with Farmhouse and Barn

The Mega Farm Scene has 4 buildings, a farmhouse, barn, open shed and gazebo. Also included are Hay rolls and bales of hay, a hay roll feeder, standing hay feeder, dried corn feeder, water troughs, a windmill, a grain silo, fenced side paddock, large fenced (pasture like) area, and a children's swing set. Behind the house is a LP gas tank and clothes line. Also included is a drit ground plane and a grassed ground plane. All the ground sections are parented to the main farmhouse ground plane and models on each ground plane are parented to that plane. The farmhouse model is a facade model, however there are texture panels behind each window and door glass. There is a labeled texture panel template included in the textures. Add your own textures to the panels and make the glass texture less reflective (or clear) and apply your texture. The farm barn main door, upper door and both stall doors have open and close movements. This is the first of a series that will be a complete farm scene.  The open shed model has movements to open the gate and gate lock. The fenced farm paddock model has gate and gate lock movements to open / lift. The children's swings and play set model has movements for each of the swings
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 8a2f3b2f