Mega Size Farm Scene with Farmhouse and Barn

The Mega Farm Scene has 4 buildings, a farmhouse, barn, open shed and gazebo. Also included are Hay rolls and bales of hay, a hay roll feeder, standing hay feeder, dried corn feeder, water troughs, a windmill, a grain silo, fenced side paddock, large fenced (pasture like) area, and a children's swing set. Behind the house is a LP gas tank and clothes line. Also included is a drit ground plane and a grassed ground plane. All the ground sections are parented to the main farmhouse ground plane and models on each ground plane are parented to that plane. The farmhouse model is a facade model, however there are texture panels behind each window and door glass. There is a labeled texture panel template included in the textures. Add your own textures to the panels and make the glass texture less reflective (or clear) and apply your texture. The farm barn main door, upper door and both stall doors have open and close movements. This is the first of a series that will be a complete farm scene.  The open shed model has movements to open the gate and gate lock. The fenced farm paddock model has gate and gate lock movements to open / lift. The children's swings and play set model has movements for each of the swings
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 8a2f3b2f

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Large Small Town Streets Scene with Movements

This 3D scene for Poser and DAZ Studio contains 7 buildings, a water tower, trash cans (with movements), fire hydrant and street light. Everything is parented to the corner sidewalk / pavement under the bank model. Buildings and items can be hidden or deleted if needed The coffee shop building model is a facade model and includes well detailed textures. The Victorian building model has an upper area that can be used as a scene. The luncheonette is a building facade model. The hardware store building model has doors that open and the interior can be used (interior not textured included texture is marked so you can texture the interior). The glass can also be made clear (no texture) The 1900's bank building has a door that opens and clear windows. The main building texture has a BUMP map. The Ice Cream Shop building model has movements to open and close the door and window and the easel sign can be moved independently of the building. The interior has basic textures and can be used. The pizza shop building model is a facade model. The texture includes a BUMP map (However it isn't applied by default).

Large City Street and Buildings Scene

The 3D Large city street and buildings scene for Poser & DAZ Studio is large and well detailed. All items are parented to the first street curb section. The Quick Stop building model has doors that open and close (movements), and interior panel that can be used when you set   the windows textures to clear or glass. Also included is an interior texture template if you wish to use the inside of the building. The laundromat building model is mainly a facade building model. However the main laundromat door opens and there are texture templates for the interior of the building. The movie theater building has doors that open (movements set) and well detailed textures. Perfect for any urban or old town street scene. The Discount City building model has doors that open and closed. The window glass textures can be changed to transparent and there is a basic interior included. The newspaper dispenser is perfect for any street or business scene or render. The door opens and the top newspaper is removable. A texture template for the newspaper is also included in the textures folder. NOTE: If you have any of the individual building and props already installed you can overwrite the existing files if you want.

Lake and Dock with Boat Scene

The 3D Lake and Dock with boat scene for Poser and DAZ Studio, also has an extra land/lake bed/water section that can be added to the main scene. Also included is the Poser World outboard motor boat. The outboard motor boat has well detailed textures and movements for the engine, front seats, throttle and steering wheel. The boat is parented to the main scene and can be moved as needed.

Complete Old West Town Street Scene (Number 1)

Every model in the Old West Town street scene (number 1) for Poser and DAZ Studio is parented to the ground scene. The buildings can be moved as needed and the hitching posts, spittoons, water trough and pump, piano etc. can be moved or removed as needed. This is a 140 megabyte download The 3D old west saloon scene has lower entrance doors that swing open. Included in the texture folder for the saloon is a desert photo that can be used as a background. The 3D old west church building model has doors that open and close. The interior is also textured. The well detailed textures also include BUMP and Displacement maps. The 3D Old West post office model has a door and lock that move. Perfect for any old western town or historical scene. The interior is textured as well. The undertakers building is a facade model.