Complete Old West Town Street Scene (Number 1)

Every model in the Old West Town street scene (number 1) for Poser and DAZ Studio is parented to the ground scene. The buildings can be moved as needed and the hitching posts, spittoons, water trough and pump, piano etc. can be moved or removed as needed. This is a 140 megabyte download The 3D old west saloon scene has lower entrance doors that swing open. Included in the texture folder for the saloon is a desert photo that can be used as a background. The 3D old west church building model has doors that open and close. The interior is also textured. The well detailed textures also include BUMP and Displacement maps. The 3D Old West post office model has a door and lock that move. Perfect for any old western town or historical scene. The interior is textured as well. The undertakers building is a facade model.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 75fd9765