YF-35 Warthog VGF - mecha transforming robot figure for Poser

YF-35 Warthog VGF is a science fiction airforce transforming aircraft giant robot mecha 3d figure for Poser. Includes over 75 posable joints and over 250 independant ERC controls to facilitate animation and pose adjustments! Details below:
Manufacturer: TheSchell 3D

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YF-35 Warthog VGF (for Poser)

• Offered By: VanishingPoint & Dream Cutter
• Created By: theschell

• Downloadable File Size: 25.78 M (approx.)
• System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 5 or above
• File Format: Poser
This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
• Texturing: Texture Maps
This product uses image maps for textures.

The YF-35 Warthog began life initially as an upgrade package for the VGF-14 Wildcat Variable Geometry Fighter. Ultimately the upgrade proved too heavy for the capacity of the airframe, so Earth Avionics initiated a development program for a new fighter designed around the planned upgrade to the older aircraft. The YF-35 was only designed with 2 modes of operation, Close-Combat Mode for Urban Warfare, and Fighter Mode, for air and space flight, but added an extra crewman for a dedicated Systems Officer along with the Pilot to help handle aircraft systems and sensors.

The Warthog quickly exceeded the expected test limitations and to the suprise of the Development Team, excelled in all areas of flight and systems trials. With such quick success, the UN Military agreed to fully fund extended testing and combat assessment, with the caveat that full transformation be added for Urban Combat. These alterations to the design would ultimately lead to the AVF-35 Advanced Variable Fighter, designed for Air and Space Superiority, and to rectify short-comings in the older VGF`s currently in service.

After the YF-35 Warthog proved potent in trials, it was decided to give the green light to a limited pre-production run on the new Advanced Variable Fighter. Both the YF-35 Warthog and the new AVF-35 Wildhog have entered service with Elite UN Military JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) units. The YF-35 operates for JSOC as a dedicated 2-mode Ground Attack/Support Aircraft, and the AVF-35 as a dedicated 3-mode Air/Space Superiority Fighter.

The YF-35 Warthog with its 2-man Crew makes an excellent ELINT/Deep Space Recon mecha, while the single-seat AVF-35 has received extra components to enhance its already fearsome Anti-Ship/Anti Spacecraft capabilities. When paired together with the YF-35 acting as a Forward Air Controller, the duo can make a truly devastating partnership. Also, due to the second Cockpit, the JSOC uses the YF-35 as an Advanced Trainer aircraft, for Pilots and Crews transitioning from the older VGF-14 to the new Wildhog AVF.

Eventually these 2 fighters will replace older VGF-14 aircraft in the UN arsenal, but for the time being only the Elite Special Operations crews get to Pilot these advanced types.

This Aircraft features fully functional flight surfaces and controls (the cockpit controls move when the ERC Dials are used to move the aircraft) and also a full transformation capability from Aircraft Mode to Close-Combat Mode!

Updated to include new features and extras! Here are some of the highlights:
• Over 75 Points of Articulation on the main figure!

• Moving Flaps, Ailerons, Rudders, Opening Landing Gear Doors, Raising and Lowering Gear, turning wheels, Opening Canopies, Deployable slats, Deployable Landing Hook, Deployable Catapult Bar, moving Sticks and Throttle, Deployable Emergency Drag Chute, working Intake Seals,Transformation Lever, moving Rudder Pedals, fully independently controllable missiles, and much more...

• Separate Conforming Figure Weapons and Ordinance, with fully controllable ordinance deployment (Some sold as separate packs). Includes a set of conforming Missiles, smart-parented Chaff/Flare Pod, and fully functional Collapsible Gun Pod.

• Comes in 3 fully rigged variants (J and S-Types, and an Advanced Trainer) that share common geometry but load from independent CR2`s for each type.

• Includes Smart-Parented Dummy Pilot figures (un-rigged and non-poseable) to place in the Cockpit (loads automatically parented to each Ejection Seat). Also includes a pose-able Crew Boarding Ladder for each Cockpit.

• Over 250 Independent ERC controls on the main figure for complete control of most vital functions from 1 location.

• Independent ERC controls for each moving part.

• Articulated Landing gear with coordinated ERC for 1 dial raise and lower.

• ERC Landing Hook and Catapult arm.

• ERC weapons controls for launching steer-able missiles and ordinance.

• ERC dials for easy transformation to each of 3-modes!

• Pre-Posed Poses for Fighter configuration, Close-Combat Configuration and Mecha Configuration.

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