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1950's Era Woven Throw Rug Model

The 3D 1950's woven throw rug model for Poser & DAZ Studio fits well into nearly home scene, especially 50's era and country settings. This model took 45 minutes to model and texture.

Morphing Matchbook

The Matchbook has 3 morphs to open and a no matches morph, the left hand match is a parented prop so you can remove it and pose it. A texture template is included.This model took 3 hours to make.

Baby Plate and Silver Spoon Props

The baby plate and silver spoon Poser / DAZ Studio props have nicely detailed textures and can be moved independently of each other. Ready to go into any scene.

Trash Can and Trash Bag Models

The 3D trash can and trash bag models, contains a new and rusty can with handle movements and lids that open. There is a close and open trash bag. We have many small items that could be used with the open bag on our models download pages. These models took 5 hours to model and texture.

Poseable coffee machine


Large and Carry On Suitcase Models

The 3D suitcase models for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements for the handle and wheels on the large suitcase. These models took 4 hours to model and texture.