Old Movie Theater Building Model with Movements

The 3D movie theater building model for Poser and DAZ Studio has doors that open (movements set) and well detailed textures. Perfect for any urban or old town street scene. The movie poster boxes have glass fronts and have enough for you to create and put your own posters in them.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 43cbd1f7

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The 3D retail store building model for Poser and DAZ Studio has door open movements, the interior is textured and the sign and sidewalk can be removed if needed. The window textures can be removed and then make the windows transparent to use the interior.

Hardware Store Building Model

The 3D hardware store building model for Poser and DAZ Studio, does have doors that open and the interior can be used (interior not texture, included texture is marked so you can texture the interior). The glass can also be made cleat (no texture). This model took 8 hours to model and texture.

House and Building Utility Models

The 3D building utility models for Poser and DAZ Studio contains an electricity meter, a gas meter and a Central Air AC unit. Each of the models has a morph to lengthen the pipes if needed. This set is already included in our modular apartment building. These models make a perfect addition to any house or building scene. This model set took 6 hours to model and texture.

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The outdoor metal storage building Poser / DAZ Studio prop has working doors and is perfect for any outdoor or backyard scene.