Solinoid Fold Booster -add-on for mecha transforming robot figure for Poser

Solinoid Fold Booster is an expansion pack add-on for the Solinoid Mogwai and Mogwai-Est scifi transforming spacecraft Mecha robot 3d figures for Poser.
Manufacturer: TheSchell 3D
SKU: 4702FCB7

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Solinoid Fold Booster (Figure Add-on for Poser)

• Offered By: VanishingPoint & DreamCutter
• Created By: TheSchell
• Downloadable File Size: 1.82 M (approx.)
• System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 5 and above
• File Format: Poser
This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
• Texturing: Texture Maps
This product uses image maps for textures.

This pack contains fully conforming Deep-space Fold Boosters for the Solinoid Mogwai and Mogwai-Esu Variable Geometry Fighters. Used for Deep-space operations and to allow the Solinoid Fleet Aircraft to quickly reach targets from long distances, the Fold-booster allows un-heard of flexibility for Solinoid attacks.

Included in the set:
2 Fold Booster Packs complete with ERC controls for Booster Separation and Navigational Arrays.

* Note: All of this product`s content was created by "theschell" (Christopher D. Schell) with additional help with ERC controls, Poser MAT Files & Additional Texturing by Mark A. Fares (KageRyu). My thanks to Mark for his extra hard work on this figure!

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