PT Girl scout set Shoes with long socks, shoes with short lacy socks, skirt, T-shirt and skirt

Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 1e268952
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The Scouting outfit for Ben 2 contains boots with socks, shorts, shirt with scarf and a hat with hair. This model took 25 hours to complete.

BSA Style Scout Shirt Color Fix for Laura

This texture matches the BSA Style Scout pants posted for Luke and Laura. Both the Luke and Laura shirt textures are included (only need to download it once for both). Includes MATS.

BSA Scout Style Outdoor Long Pants for Laura

The BSA scout style long outdoor pants comes complete with stitches and zippers. The set also contains the Luke pants texture. You only need to download this item once for both the Laura and Luke textures. Includes MATS.