Scout shirts for Laura and Luke

Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
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BSA Style Scout Shirt Color Fix for Laura

This texture matches the BSA Style Scout pants posted for Luke and Laura. Both the Luke and Laura shirt textures are included (only need to download it once for both). Includes MATS.

BSA Scout Style Outdoor Long Pants for Laura

The BSA scout style long outdoor pants comes complete with stitches and zippers. The set also contains the Luke pants texture. You only need to download this item once for both the Laura and Luke textures. Includes MATS.

Boy Scouts of America Style Scout Shirt for Luke

The Luke Boy Scout of America (BSA) style scout shirt comes complete with patches and a real twill fabric photo texture. Includes MATS. Required product, Scout Shirt for Luke and Laura

7 Piece Camping Models Bundle Poser Format

The 3D seven piece camping models bundle contains a concrete picnic table and pad, a camping chair, camp stove, camp lantern, a ice check with ice, a tent and sleeping bag model.

Read the readme files for instruction on the tent and sleeping bag.

The models included in this bundle are available individually in the store.
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