PoserWorld Exclusives

Feature packed 3d content products designed for Poser Software that have tons of value so these will be at the top of your runtime and the start of your animation pipeline for years to come.

License Value: All our PoserWorld Exclusive products are licensed for private and commercial use, including animation video, online 3d game, multimedia and 3d game and simulation software publishing so you never have to worry if the license is too restrictive for your creative project.  The only restriction we have is that you cannot resell our products discretely, or bundled including virtual 3d marketplaces and virtual game worlds even if there is no real world currency exchange or negotiable value. Sale of creative works derived from the product such as texture and morph and add-on's is permitted.

Design Value:  PoserWorld Exclusives figures all use Poser traditional rigging standards so that you have maximum version compatibility (Poser 6-12) and pipeline export options with the widest pose & clothing support possible. Our figures are all sculpted with high resolution UV and we include 1,2 and 4mb texture maps for materials optimized for Superfly and Firefly rendering.  We realize the value in customization, animation and export versatility so we take full advantage of Poser material channels and the PoserWorld Exclusive geometry leverages a morphable and sub dividable topology.

Production Value:  PoserWorld Exclusives have maximum functionality and animation built in so our props appear to animate similar to how the real world creature moves or object modeled performs.  Our rigging, morphs, animation loop cycles and linked poses greatly simplifies scene production and enhances realism for staging poses, directing animation action and supporting obj/bvh, dae or fbx export for animation or game pipelines. We do not model figures and sets for a singular purpose.  For instance many of our animal figures will include an entire range of sub-species, or scenes have alternate configurations.  Our scenes include camera and lighting presets, typical for the set and directed perspectives.

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Giraffa Subspecies - 6 animated giraffe character figures for Poser

Giraffa for Poser includes morphs and textures for the Reticulated, Kordofan, Luangwa, Massai, Nubian and South African Giraffe sub species and a Albino (spotless) fur texture set that is perfect for character customization. Includes 6 poses (Drinking, Lounging, Low Graze Crouch, Resting, Sitting) 2 animations (Walkcycle 60f, Runcycle 60f). 6 character and 1 (Albino/ custom template) material sets with high resolution textures (4096x4096) default and 2mb and 4mb texture map sets.
Brand PoserWorld Exclusives

SuperStore Shopping Plaza - complete shopping center construction kit & scene for Poser

SuperStore Shopping Center bundle for Poser (Includes Optional Add-On Sets, referenced below.) A PoserWorld exclusive. The SuperStore a fully customizable, modular complete shopping center construction set. The included SuperStore, a fully stocked multi-department supermarket loaded with Grocery Stock inventory (256 individually modeled items), Shopper’s Diner cafe restaurant, Beauty Salon, Super-Cuts Fuel Station, Landscaping and a lighted Parking Lot and shopper’s safety Security Office building. The complete SuperStore Shopping Center Set for Poser includes 8 striking scene sets, combined is 1320 prop instances,30 Camera and 102 Poser Poser Light presets. Material shaders are optimized for Superflyand Firefly, enable Indirect Lighting for dramatic lighting effect. Check out the details and prop list below.