Lancet MLIFV - SciFi amphib troop carrier for Poser

The Lancet MLIFV marine amphibious hover tank for Poser bristles with an assortment of defensive weapons (such as the “Phalanx” Anti-missile System, and “Dart” multi-roll Rockets), the Lancet is a futuristic Military Infantry Fighting Vehicle (MLIFV). The interior has space for 16 passengers and a crew of 3. Features ERC controlled weapons including a Phalanx Anti-missile System and Rocket Pod!
Manufacturer: TheSchell 3D
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• Created By: theschell
• Downloadable File Size: 7.22 M (approx.)
• File Format: Poser
This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
• Texturing: Texture Maps
This product uses image maps for textures.

Product Description

You ride in 120 tonnes of moving steel, wrapped in Cera-Luminum Laminate Composite Armour and carrying the best array of defensive weapons they could mount on a Meg-Lev APC chassis. You are part of a 4-man Crew and carry 16 Infantry Troopers for Battlefield Infantry Support. Your job… Get the troops onto the battlefield and scout ahead of the main forces!

Armed with an assortment of defensive weapons (such as the “Phalanx” Anti-missile System, and “Dart” multi-roll Rockets), the Lancet is a state-of-the-art frontline Mag-Lev Infantry Fighting Vehicle (MLIFV). She has space for 16 Infantry Troopers to ride inside the Hull, plus a Crew of 3 and a Jump Master, and can travel at speeds up to 300 KMPh at an altitude of 500 Feet. Fully sealed against chemical, biological and nuclear contaminants, and also for the vacuum of space (for Orbital Landing Drops using a special lower-hull heat shield), the Lancet can deliver Combat Infantry Support any where at any time. Though she lacks the “punch” of heavier Mag-Levs like the Dire-Wolf, the Mag-Lev IFV is a valuable tool for any modern battlefield Commander!

Product Features

• Detailed and fully functional weapons systems including a Phalanx Anti-missile System and Rocket Pod!
• Detailed interior and internal components, including functional maintenance and crew access hatches, crew controls and cockpit details, and troop compartment!
• Internal Troop Compartment with functional external access ramp and seating for 16 fully equipped Infantry, plus 4 main crew positions in the forward hull for Crew Commander, Driver, Infantry Jump Master and Weapons Operator complete with functional cockpit controls!
• Loads with default grungy "working" textures, and includes a set of alternate "clean" textures in Pz2 format to show a newly produced vehicle instead of a combat duty version!
• Crew Poses for the 4 main crew positions, plus poses for the Infantry troop compartments for use with Vicky 4 and Mike 4!
• Numerous ERC dials to control vehicle movement, weapons and access hatches all from one easy to use location. The ERC controls for vehicle and weapons function are tied to the cockpit controls in the crew compartment for realistic function of all operational parts!
• Note: All of this product`s content was created by "theschell" (Christopher D. Schell), ERC controls and Beta-testing by Mark A. Fares (KageRyu).

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