Modular Mall Main Section Scene Poser Format

The 3D modular mall for Poser and DAZ Studio is part one of five and contains a main section and a staircase section and includes a bench, fountain, trash can and two planters. The sections can be used side by side or across from each other.

The windows/doorway panels/signs have their own texture so that you can easily create new store fronts and make a larger mall. The doorway panels can be removed and the glass setup as glass so that you can use the interior of the stores as well. This is part one of the modular mall set.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
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    Cleaning Product Models Poser Format

    The 3D cleaning product models in Poser 3D model format contains a carry-all, four cleaning product containers, a sponge and a sponge on a handle. All items are parented to the carry-all and may be used independently of each other.

    Outdoor Sign Model Poser Format

    The 3D portable sign with customizable messages model for Poser and DAZ Studio is set up so you can put any message you want on either side (or both sides) of the sign. The letter panel textures includes A-Z alphabet, 0-9 numbers, a question mark, exclamation point, period and dash textures. Be sure to read the read me file for easier set up of your message on the sign.

    Oxygen Mask, Tank and Tubing Models Poser Format

    The 3D medical oxygen tank, mask and tubing models in Poser 3D model format has morphs and movements.

    Pajama Set for DAZ Michael 4

    Pajamas with shorts for DAZ Michael 4. The top has multiple opening and posing morphs and the shorts have a baggy and realistic morph. Both garments are textured grey so you can just change the colors to suit.