This category contains Poser 3D clothes and clothing models for Poser, DAZ 3D, Hivewire3D and other 3D figures and characters. Unless otherwise noted all 3D clothes models are in.CR2 format. All DAZ 3D Genesis figure clothing are in .dsf format. Buy 3D clothes models for Poser sofware and DAZ Studio 3D software.

Also, see the fashion and personal category for items and accessories to go with our 3D clothing models.

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Oslo Outfit for DAZ Genesis 2 or DAZ Victoria 6

Oslo is a pants and and shirt set for the DAZ Genesis 2 and DAZ Victoria 6 figures. It has morphs to remove the undershirt and open the shirt more.

Outdoor Clothing Set for DAZ Victoria 4

An outdoor clothing set for DAZ Victoria 4. The set contains a vest (tank top) and shorts. The vest has a "tuck in" morph and the shorts can be made longer or shorter. The vest has 3 textures and the shorts have 4, all with MAT files for easy application.

Pajama Set for DAZ Michael 4

Pajamas with shorts for DAZ Michael 4. The top has multiple opening and posing morphs and the shorts have a baggy and realistic morph. Both garments are textured grey so you can just change the colors to suit.

Pajamas for DAZ Genesis 2 and DAZ Victoria 6

A pair of pajamas for the DAZ Genesis 2 and DAZ Victoria 6 figures.

Patterned Strapless Dress for Hivewire3D Dawn Figure

A patterned 3D strapless dress model for the Hivewire 3D Dawn figure is a dynamic clothes model.

Pienza Outfit for the Poser Tyler Figure

Pienza for the Poser Tyler figure is a highly detailed clothing set made up of a shirt, pants and vest. All seams and details are modeled into the clothing to give you fantastic looking renders. Does not include the shoes.

Sassy Cowgirl Outfit for DAZ Victoria 4

A 3D Sassy Cowgirl clothes outfit for DAZ Victoria 4 is a conforming clothing set that contains a vest, shorts, cowboy hat and cowboy boots. An "open a bit" and "open all" morphs are included.

Sexy Strapless Dress for DAZ Victoria 4

A sexy 3D dress clothes model for DAZ Victoria 4, the dress is a dynamic Clothing model.

Shirt Tied at Waist Prop for DAZ Michael 4 and other Poser Figures

A shirt tied at the waist prop, the shirt will fit DAZ Michael 4 as standard but can be fitted to any figure using scaling and the many morphs included. The shirt also has many posing morphs.

Single Strap Dynamic dress for Hivewire 3D Dawn

A single strap evening dress for the Hivewire3D Dawn figure. The dress is dynamic so only suitable for Poser.

Sophie Dynamic Clothing Set for Hivewire3D Dawn Figure

The Hivewire3D Dawn figure gets a dynamic pair of leggings, a pair of pedal pushers and a shirt packed full of morphs, the leggings have 3 textures and the shirt has 4.

Space Fleet Officer Outfit for Hivewire3D Dusk

A Space Fleet Officer outfit for the Hivewire 3D Dusk figure and consists of pants, boots and shirt.