This category contains Poser 3D clothes and clothing models for Poser, DAZ 3D, Hivewire3D and other 3D figures and characters. Unless otherwise noted all 3D clothes models are in.CR2 format. All DAZ 3D Genesis figure clothing are in .dsf format. Buy 3D clothes models for Poser sofware and DAZ Studio 3D software.

Also, see the fashion and personal category for items and accessories to go with our 3D clothing models.

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Early 70's WPC Outfit for DAZ Victoria 4

An early 70's Woman Police Constable uniform for DAZ Victoria 4. The the set contains a hat, jacket, skirt ands shoes. The jacket has posing and style morphs such as no shirt, open hem etc and the skirt has posing morphs but can also be used in the cloth room as a hybrid. The sets has easy mapping so it can be used to create other uniforms.

Fencing Outfit for DAZ Victoria 4

The DAZ 3D Victoria 4 poser figure gets a fencing outfit set, the download contains a jacket, a pair of breeches with stockings, shoes and mask, as well as an Epee sword and a D ring as parented props.

Flip Flops Footwear for Hivewire3D Dawn

A pair of nicely textured flip flops shoe models for the Hivewire 3D dawn figure.

Goth Outfit for Hivewire3D Dawn Figure

A conforming 3D Goth style outfit for the Hivewire 3D Dawn figure contains a laced corset, "cheeky" shorts, and stacked knee high boots. This is a conforming clothes model.

Handy Dynamic Dress for Hivewire Dawn Figure

The Handy Dress for the Nivewire3D Dawn figure is a classic style dress ready to be worn in the day or evening, for work or for pleasure.

Hiking Outfit for DAZ Victoria 4

A set of 3D hiking outfit clothes for the DAZ 3D Victoria 4 Poser figure, contains a pair of boots, short and long leggings, a fleece, a vest and a cap. The fleece and vest have various opening morphs.

Larvik Outfit for Smith Micro Pauline

The 3D Larvik outfit for the Smith Micro Pauline figure contains a coat and legging set, and includes Ogg boots and dress boots. The coat has multiple morphs to help pose the skirt as well as styling morphs. Also included is 4 textures with MAT files.

Maid Service Outfit for DAZ Victoria 4

A Maid Service outfit for DAZ Victoria 4 contains: Trousers, Polo Shirt and Tabard set, the Tabard has multiple morphs to help pose it as well as open the pocket. The set could be used without the Tabard as a smart outfit.

Ogg boots for Hivewire3D Dawn

The Hivewire3D Dawn figure gets a version of our Ogg boot models.

Olivia Dress for DAZ Genesis 2 and DAZ Victoria 6

A classy dress for the DAZ Genesis 2 and DAZ Victoria 6 figures. The dress has morphs to help with posing.

One Piece Sport Swimsuit for Hivewire3D Dawn Figure

A 3D one piece sport swimsuit for the Hivewire 3D Dawn figure is a dynamic clothing item and is ready to go.

Oslo Outfit for DAZ Genesis 2 or DAZ Victoria 6

Oslo is a pants and and shirt set for the DAZ Genesis 2 and DAZ Victoria 6 figures. It has morphs to remove the undershirt and open the shirt more.