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Wolf Pack Multi-Species - animated canine figure for Poser

A traditional rigged morphing Wolf figures and with optional Poser Hair growth fur compatible with Poser 6 up that morph into 12 wolf species. Includes 6 animations and 12 additional species morph preset poses so you can make each instance of the Wolf Pack character in the scene distinct. 13 material sets with high resolution textures (4000x4000) default and 1mb, 2mb and 4mb texture map sets. This quad poly high resolution (229K polys) rigged 3d figure features the recognizable canis lupus body with morphs to adjust ear length, snout size, eye brows & blink, body mass, belly and tail thickness. 12 Pose & corresponding species Material presets to morph into 12 additional distinct species including: Arabian Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Eastern Wolf, Eurasian Wolf, Grey Wolf(default), Iberian Wolf, Indian Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Northwestern Wolf, Persian Wolf, Red Wolf, Tibetan Wolf, and the Timber Wolf. The materials are complex blend of pelt UV texture maps with alpha patterns so you can create hundreds of texture combinations. The wolf figure is modeled on highly versatile mesh and (poser traditional biped grouping) rig and will easily adapt to most dog and human poses and and the included animations are BVH exportable so combined with the broad use license this presents a lot of pipeline value.