Victorian bathing for Anastasia and Shae

The girls get a Victorian bathing set, the zip includes a Cap, Bloomers and Suit. The suit is conforming with morphs to pose the skirt but it can also be used in the cloth room as a hybrid. The clothing fits Anastasia by default but has morphs to fit Shae
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: a74ddd62

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Doctor Anastasia, Shae and Alyson2

The girls get a Doctor's outfit consisting of a pair of shoes, a dress and a white coat, the dress has morphs to pose the skirt portion and the coat has matching morphs as well as 8 Posing morphs such as Closed, Left Side out Etc. The dress and Coat have morphs to fit all 3 figures and the readme contains detailed instructions.

Agent Anastasia

Anastasia gets an agent-undercover cop set, the zip contains, pants, top and bullet proof vest.  The top has morphs such as "Show my tummy", "Longer", Take off" and more for those days when she isn't working. A blank name plate is included so you can change to the agency of your choice. You will need the doctor set

Evening dress and shoes for Anastasia

Anastasia gets a dynamic evening dress and a pair of prop shoes.

Cordoba for Anastasia

Cordoba is a 3 piece underwear set for Anastasia. Extra material files are included. This model took 15 hours to complete