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Seamless Rough Rock Wall Photo Texture - 1282x639

Seamless large rock wall texture, 72dpi, 282x639 pixels.

Seamless Long Green Grass - 1420x1110

Seamless long green grass photo texture, 1420x1110 pixels, 72dpi, 24bit color depth. 1.51mb JPG image.

Seamless Digital Fine Knit Fabric Texture Pack 2

The digital seamless fine knit texture pack 2 contain 10 textures: dark brown, dark gray, dark pink, lime green, magenta, mauve, medium pink, nearly black, salmon and yellow gray fabric textures. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Digital Seamless Royal Period Fabric Pack 2

The seamless digital royal period fabric pack 2 contains 15 rough woven, distressed fabric textures. Perfect for under garments, robes, tapestry, floor coverings, etc. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Rock Tile Photo Texture - 387x384

Seamless rock tile photo texture, 387x384 pixels, 72dpi, 24bit color depth. 135k JG image.

Seamless Cracked Mud - 900x1657

Seamless cracked mud photo texture, 900x1657 pixels, 72dpi, 24bit color depth. 457k JPG image.