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Tugboat USS Navajo for Poser

Tugboat USS Navajo for Poser 3d Software and DAZ 3D Studio (runtime). USS Navajo (AT-64) was the lead ship of her class of the Cherokee class US Navy Tugboats. Originally known as the Navajo class, the fleet of Cherokee class tugs were built for the United States Navy prior to the start of World War II. They represented a radical departure from previous ocean-going tug designs, and were far more capable of extended open ocean travel than their predecessors. This was due in large part to their 205 feet (62 m) length, 38 feet (12 m) beam, and substantial fuel-carrying capacity. They were also the first large surface vessels in the US Navy to be equipped with diesel/electric drive. This 3d model for Poser 3D SOftware features include with the main USS Navajo figure, and 3 smart-propped versions of the Anchors (all anchors up, single anchor lowered, and all anchors lowered). Optionally the Anchors may be left out for replacement by other props (such as the available "easy pose" chains and extra items of that nature available from many sources). Pose-able features include: working Rudder and Propellers, Main and Secondary Gun Turrets that can rotate with Barrels that can elevate independently, working Deck Crane, and functioning Spot-lights.
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