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Microwave Oven Prop

The microwave oven prop has a morph to open and close the door and a template to change the control panel to suit your needs. Due to Poser's quirkiness with swinging morphs we suggest either using the prop with the door open or closed.

Kitchen Mixer Poser Prop

Every 3D kitchen needs a mixer, so we've built on for you to add to your kitchen scenes. Textures included.

Antique Cola Cooler Model with Movements

The 3D antique cola cooler has lids that open and is perfect for any 50's or retro scene. Also include is a texture with no logos or brands on it. This model took 5 hours to model and texture.

Texas Holdem Poker Model Set

The single card ad the hand cards can be moved independently. The hand cards are parented to Card1. The chip stack chips can be moved independently of each other and are parented to ChipStack1. "The Boat" cards can be moved independently of each other and are parented to BoatCard1. There are 54 card textures (all 4 suits plus two jokers) and there are 12 different chip denominations / textures. The table has a height change morph for easier adjustment. The table top also has built-in cup holders.This model set took 14 hours to model and texture.

Trombone Musical Instrument Model

The 3D Poser and DAZ Studio musical instrument model has a movement for the slide and the mouthpiece can be removed.

Polaroid Instant Camera Prop

The Polaroid instant Camera Poser / DAZ studio prop has an instant film that ejects (morphs) and includes a texture template for the film so that the image can be modified. Ready to go into any scene.