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Morphing Brown Paper Lunch Bag

The morphing brown paper bag Poser / DAZ studio prop has a morph to close and fold the paper bag.

Feather Duster Model

The 3D feather duster Poser / DAZ Studio model / prop is ready to go into any indoor or home scene or render.

Posable Vacuum cleaner

With 2 cable props

7 Piece Copper Bottom Cookware and Cooking Utensil Prop Set

The 7 piece copper bottom cookware and utensil prop set contains: 1 quart pot, 2 quart pot, 4 quart pot, big cook pot, sauce pan, whisk and soup ladle. The lids are parented so they can be moved or removed. The textures have BUMP maps.

Slow Cooker "Crock Pot" Prop

Every kitchen needs a slow cooker, so we have added a crock pot slow cooker to our Poser World kitchen appliances. It has a morph that removes the lids and puts it on the counter.

Glasses Collection

A set of glasses, the zip contains a Whisky Glass, Tall Tumbler, Champagne glass, Brandy Glass, White Wine and Red Wine Glasses.