Towels for Michael 4

Two towels packed full of styling and movement morphs as well as 3 "Skirt handles"
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: a35484fc
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Japanese Private WW2 for Michael 4

Michael 4 gets a WW2 Japanese uniform, the set contains pants, boots, jacket and hat.


Long, short, over the shoulders and a set on a towel rail (not shown)

Shirt tied at waist for Michael 4 and any other figure.

The zip contains a shirt tied at the waist, the shirt will fit Michael 4 as standard but can be fitted to any figure using scaling and the many morphs included. The shirt also has many posing morphs.

Newcastle for Michael 4

A pair of conforming jeans, vest and cap with hair for Michael 4, the shoes can be downloaded here