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Wizard Multiset - WIZV3andLMFD

The set below is for the Young wizard set found here

Woodland Tracker for Victoria 4

Woodland Tracker for Victoria 4 contains 4 pieces of clothing, Boots, Pants, Shirt and Waistcoat, the Waistcoat and Pants have morphs so they can be used without the shirt. The set also contains other styling morphs such as Open Left etc.

Workman for Michael 3

Workman for Michael 3 contains a Boiler suit and a hard hat, the suit has morphs for Stocky, Heavy and Muscle 3 as well as other morphs such as high collar, baggy arms etc. A Bonus texture with MAT to turn the suit into a prison jumpsuit is included as well as MAT Files to change the hat color.

Workman textures

Texture set for Workman Timelord base found here

Workman-Timelord base for Mike 3

A pair of pants, top, shoes and 2 hats for Mike 3. The set has body morphs, Stocky, Heavy and Muscle 1 to match Mike 3's body morphs as well as a "to much beer" morph built in the clothing. The zip contains textures and MAT files to have Clean, Dirty or Timelord textures. For part 2 of this set click the link below

WRAF uniform for Vicky 3

The set contains jacket skirt and cap