Smart Striped Dress Shirt and Matching Pants for Michael 4 and Hiro 4

The smart dress shirt and large weave dress pants for Michael 4 and Hiro 4 are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges. Includes MATS.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: a7be8723

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Smart set dress shirt for Michael 4 and Hiro 4

A Dress shirt to fit Michael 4 and match with his Smart set trousers from here the shirt has morphs for Hiro 4, Bulk and Bodybuilder. Also included are morphs to remove the pen, pocket, fix the round shoulders and kipper tie, loads of MAT files and textures are included.

Smart 2011 for Michael 4

A new pair of smart pants and a roll neck top get added to Michael's wardrobe, the top has shoulder fix morphs and the pants work with the loafers from here

Police Constable for Michael 4

Constable Mike is a highly detailed set for Michael 4, the zip contains a standard helmet and a Isle of Man helmet, a pair of pants with boots and a jacket, the jacket is highly detailed and carefully modeled for historical correctness, it has numerous morphs to control the hem to make it easy to pose and also has morphs to hide the whistle chain and belt so it can be used as other uniform jackets.

Smart Slacks Textures for Michael 4 and Hiro 4

The smart slacks textures contains two real fabric textures, a beige cotton duck fabric and a woven dress style gray fabric. Includes a two pair of matching boots. Has finished edges and seams. Includes MATS.