Side by Side Refrigerator Freezer Prop

The refrigerator prop has doors and a drawer that opens and closes. Includes 4 bumpy appliance textures (with bump maps): White, Avocado, Brown and Gold. This prop shows up under Figures due to the door and drawer movements.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: ae44221a

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11 Piece Complete Den Furniture Prop Set

The complete den furniture props set contains eleven furniture props: TV entertainment stand, Television, 2 bookshelves, end table, coffee table, sofa / wall table, floor lamp, table lamp, couch and chair. The drawers and cabinet doors have morphs to open / close. 11 MB download.

8 Section Modular Kitchen Props Set

The 8-piece modular kitchen prop set has multiple sections that can be mixed and matched.The set includes: full corner section, dishwasher section, double section with two windows, refrigerator section, single section with no counter, single section with counter, sink section and stove section.All cabinet doors and drawers open and close, the dishwasher door and baskets open or slide in and out, the sink faucet is movable. All of the textures have bump maps and there are several extra appliance textures so that appliances can be matched other than the green. This set works great with our Poser World stove, refrigerator, kitchen prep table and small appliances.

Stove and Oven Combo Prop

The stove and oven combo appliance is a new addition to our Poser World kitchen props. The door and drawer have open movements and can be found under "figures" once installed. Also comes with additional textures: Avacodo, Brown, Gold and White (as shown).

Wood Burning Stove Prop

The wood burning stove Poser / DAZ Studion prop has doors, drwers and stove top lids that open. Select any door to open, the burner plates can be lifted and parented lifter is included, please note you must select "Body" to move the stove or the plates will be left behind.