Scrubs for V3

Comes with morphing stethoscope and shoes
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: bbdb1e97

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Boiler Suit for Michael 4

Michael 4 gets a boiler suit and a pair of boots, the suit has morphs for body builder, bulk, beer belly, blouse over boots (For the military look), no shirt and two morphs to fix Mike's rounded shoulders. The boots have matching morphs where needed.

SciFi suits - scifisuitstandard

Each set contains Full JCM Morphs and body morphs to Unzip (2 different lengths), set 1 is for a standard Steph and set 2 for the muscle morph set too 1.000..Links are below the image


For Mike..or stand alone..Mike 3 owners can use the Mike 2 version that comes with him as only the head is visible.