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Adjustable Steampunk Goggles Model

The 3D steampunk goggles for Poser & DAZ figures have a morph to stretch the band. The goggles should fit nearly all Poser figures. The goggles are scaled by default to fit the Poser Ryan figure. This model took 7 hours to model and texture.

Body bit jars

2 Jars, one with a brain in and one with a severed arm

Futura Fighter Sci-Fi Aircraft Model

The 3D Futura Fighter sci-fi aircraft model for Poser & DAZ Studio has a morph to retract the landing gear and close the gear covers. The canopy and pilot's stick have movements assigned to them. This model took 35 hours to model and texture.

Planets and Moon Props

The four seamless Poser Planet and Moon Props are 100% seamless (can be animated), each texture can be used as a bump map (already set) and includes: Spice Planet, Lunar Moon, Mars Planet and Over civilized Planet. After placing files into your Poser runtime you will find these planets under Props.

Retro Sci-Fi Ray Gun Weapon Model

The 3D sci-fi retro ray gun pistol model for Poser and DAZ Studio is ready to go into any sci-fi or futuristic scene. The model took 5 hours to model and texture. The model is based on an early science fiction movie prop.

Sci-Fi Alien Ship Model

The 3D sci-fi alien ship model for Poser and DAZ Studio is low poly (only 2,884 polygons) and the texture includes a BUMP and normal map if needed.