Ramses suit

Egyptian clothing for the Poser 4 male. Props are on this page
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 96cdbd51

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Candy Bar and Wrapper Models Poser Format

The 3D candy bar and wrapper food models for Poser and DAZ Studio has two wrapper models. The closed wrapper contains no candy bar. The open candy bar wrapper has a candy bar in it that may be slid out (candy bar main) and is parented to the wrapper. The Candy bar bite piece is parented to the candy bar main model and may be hidden or moved as needed.

Collar and lead for the Mil dog


Pajama short set for Michael 4

Michael 4 gets a set of Pajama's with shorts, the top has multiple opening and posing morphs and the shorts have a baggy and realistic morph. Both garments are textured grey so you can just change the colors to suit.