Pregnant for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a set of clothes to match her pregnancy morphs, the set contains a Dress, Smock, Vest and Pants, the dress and smock have posing morphs included.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: c0d5e3eb

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Maid Service for Victoria 4

Maid Service for Victoria 4 is a, Trousers, Polo Shirt and Tabard set, the Tabard has multiple morphs to help pose it as well as open the pocket. The set could be used without the Tabard as a smart outfit. This model took 25 hours to create.

Underwear for Victoria 4

A Bra and Panty set for Victoria 4, the bra has morphs for Breast size, Cleavage and Implant.

Angelic Rebel for Victoria 4 - V4

Angelic Rebel is a clothing set for Victoria 4, the zip contains a Jacket, Vest, Skirt, Boots, Hair and a Samurai Sword, the jacket, vest and skirt are packed with movement and styling morphs and the skirt can be used as a conforming skirt or in the cloth room as a hybrid.

Soviet Sniper for Victoria 4

Soviet Sniper for Victoria 4 contains a suit, boots, hood up, hood down and a hat, all items have the bulk morph.