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Multicolor Ficus Plant Model

The 3D multicolor ficus plant mode for Poser and DAZ Studio is ready to go in any scene or render. The leaves and stem have BUMP maps, however they are not applied by default.

Modular Grass / Yard Square Model

The 3D grass model for Poser and DAZ Studio is modular and seamless. The squares can be overlapped as needed to fit a scene. This model and texture took one hour to make. If using more than one square (as in a large area) we suggest that you overlap each one slightly and parent them to one square for easier movement and adjustment.

Monkey Grass Plant Model

The 3D monkey grass plant model for Poser and DAZ Studio is ready to go into any outdoor scene, render or animation. The berries / stem is parented to the grass and can be removed to create more randomness of groups of plants.

Red Star Hibiscus Plant Model

The 3D hibiscus plant model for Poser and DAZ Studio, has several flowers and all can be moved independently and the texture includes a BUMP map, However the BUMP is not applied by default.

Ficus House Plant Prop

The ficus houseplant Poser / DAZ studio prop is a new addition to our organic plant model props. The textures have BUMP maps.

Pile of leaves Tuck into a corner to add realism