Pack of seven Canoma scenes

Factory door,Northern street, Offices, Skateboard park, Workshop and Workshop scene
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 5e2958a0

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Restuarant Scene

This Restuarant scene contains everything visible in the render and two extra windows so you can change camera view.

U.N. Council Chambers Scene

The 3D Poser / DAZ Studio U.N. Council Chamber scene is ready to go. The chairs around the circular table can be moved individually and there is an extra chair model that can be used to add seating.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Scene

The 3D outdoor swimming pool scene for Poser and DAZ studio is ready to go. The grass can be removed and replace with your own ground props and textures. All textures include BUMP maps (BUMP maps not applied by default).

Modular Den Scene

The 3D Poser and DAZ Studio den scene, has very well detailed trim and small parts. Perfect for use with our Poser World furniture and other items. Intricate trim and fireplace moulding, detail sockets and switch textures with BUMP maps are included.